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How good at refereeing are you then?

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Thu 10th Apr 2008 12:16
Mr Snow

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Joined: 04/12/2006
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Heres some tournament spars on a video - Can you spot what ones are excessive contact,
There are about three maybe four excessive bouts I will return later and see if any of you agree with the ones I think are...... Happy huntingWink
Don't forget to leave ya imput so we can all see what each other think....
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Top Thu 10th Apr 2008 23:12
Mr Snow

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Joined: 04/12/2006
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Rast no one wanted to comment, Oh well this was my thoughts...


Agressive bouts:
1st Bout Asian Guy was just too agressive using hooking puches like in a street brawl
3rd Bout where 100's of puches were used - that fight should have been stopped very hard given grades of fighters.
5th bout was a bit to heavy as only junior grades (White and yellow belts)
8th Bout the smaller guy was excessive - He even knocked his oponent out

Good bouts
2nd bout was a good match
4th bout was a good match a bit messy at times
6th bout was good ref was good and in control
7th Bout was again good
8th & 9th Bout were good

Just my opinion, I Thought this board would enjoy this one - Oh well how wrong was I Ermm
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Top Fri 11th Apr 2008 00:48
Master Rai

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Mr. Snow

I enjoyd watching the sparring. It's nice to see colour belts as well. I thought personally the contact was fine. I know here in Canada, we also have watch the contact allowed. As referees, we set the the contact allowed right away. Personally, If I am refereeing and the competitors are getting out of hand, I will caution both competitors and then go from there. Black belts a different story. Just my thougts.


Master Parm Rai

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Top Fri 11th Apr 2008 01:26
John Riordan

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Mr Snow

I agree with Master Rai, contact looked ok to me. 1st bout i would have pulled the guy up for those wild swings and the guy who got knocked out left himself wide open to be hit and the kick looked to be controlled. It can get a bit messy with beginners so we generally do point stop sparring below green belt, the hope is that they will develop better and more controlled technique before they do continuous sparring.

By the way Master Rai, we missed you in Cork last week. The IIC was one of the best ever. President Choi was amazing, his energy and enthusiam was inspirational considering he had travelled so much in the previous weeks.
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Top Fri 11th Apr 2008 08:11
Mr Snow

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Joined: 04/12/2006
Topics: 58 Replies: 164
Yikes A Master answered my post now that is humble , Thank you sir for the imput - I guess I am too hard on them! I did not ref the bouts but I know the first bout the short guy was disqualified at our event (I think for sqaureing upto the ref and swareing) I have always been of the opinion that a puncher is not good to see in colour belt sections as this I believe is the pinicle orf our art (When they should learn to defend with kicks)

The knock out I agree it was well timed but I personally fealt the bout  was not under control so I would have pulled him up - Nice knock out though just ashame it was my nephew!!! Thumbs Down

I guess I should be less stricter and allow more contcat to flow.....

Thanks again - any other imput from the boards members

As BT say 'Its good to talk' LOL
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Top Fri 11th Apr 2008 11:23
Mr Snow

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Joined: 04/12/2006
Topics: 58 Replies: 164
Mr Scott made some good points in the ITF SPARRING HARD CONTACT OR NOT thread so I have put it here as he made some good points....

Hope you dont mind?


Ive just watched the footage and in my opinion:

(1st bout) probably not one I would of included as it was a David Vs Goliath match.

The Asian guy did try using some leg techniques but you can see that his midsection was level with the other guys thigh, so his sidekicks wouldnt have scored anyway. He did use a couple of good reverse turning kicks as well, again they would have been more effective against an opponent more his size.
Id of said in that situation youd have to have been more aggressive in a bid to score points without letting the other guy use his reach advantage.

(2nd) no problems there

(3rd) little scrappy when close in with the punches, not what Id call hard contact though

(4th) one or two of the punches might have had a bit too much power in them but they werent swinging wildly or looked scrappy.

(5th) another one Id probably of missed out as their low grades just learning to perform the techniques and it could even be their first competition. (I used to put a lot of power in to the kicks back then, not to hurt the other guy, just to actually try and execute the kick as it didnt feel natural when I first started.)

You can see the guy in the red head guard was only comfortable with doing turning kicks off his right foot, just hope the ref picked up on the ones he was delivering to the other guys back because of this.

(6th) bit silly going in for the grab, but the ref had it covered.

(7th) No probs there.

(8th) Used techniques like you wanted to see, the flurry of punches to the mid section would have been more annoying than anything else. It was just unfortunate that the guy got caught with the reverse turning, more the momentum of the kick than aggression Id say.

(9th & 10th) no probs there either.

Maybe people perceive opponents getting in close using their hands as hard contact. when it could actually just be a case of them being scrappy & trying to score quick points with no technique?
some fair points made there i think esp with the 'David and big G matchSmile'
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Top Fri 11th Apr 2008 19:20
Chris Peel

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I  guess I am too strict also Mr Snow as I would have pulled one or two fighters up for excessive contact.  Not particular with the kicks, but with a few of the punches. 
In the first fight I thought the smaller guy definately sent some of the punches with intent, rather than trying to score points.
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