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What days do youb teach?

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Fri 28th Mar 2008 12:17
Mr Snow

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Joined: 04/12/2006
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Just wanted to know what days other instructors teach on this board?
Also what times do you think are peak times for teaching - ie what times attract more people.
What are the slowest times you find?
I teach: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays,
Busy days - Mondays and Wednesdays - Thursdays
Slowest Day - Tuesdays
Peak times: 6pm kids and 7pm Adults
Slowest times, August & December before the break.
Anyone got imput on this?
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Top Sat 29th Mar 2008 01:36
sean mullin

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hi sir,
         i teach every day apart from wed & sun and i find my busiest classes start at 5 or 5.30pm and cater mainly for kids. my adult classes start at 7pm and normally have on average 15 but i personally enjoy them more as you can teach more practical self defence that i don't go near the juniors with. i also  do a saturday at 10am  that is probably my busiest class of the week( sometimes 30, sometimes 10 ). my 1pm class on a saturday is pretty poor though and averages about 10 people.what are your average numbers if you don't mind me asking ??
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Top Sat 29th Mar 2008 11:46
Mr Snow

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Joined: 04/12/2006
Topics: 58 Replies: 164
My St Albans school - per class 30 -40 (About 12 BB's) 11's plus
My St Albans School - per class 25 - 30 (5's to 10's)
My Colney School - per class 25 (11's plus)
My Colney School - 10 to 15 (5's to 10's)
My Dunstable School - 15 to 20
My Luton School - 15 - 20 (Mixed) upto january we had 60 per night but lost most as we changed location - A very bad move but we are working on it as the location is better now.

It has to be said the St Albans school is the biggest about 100 members but most turn up at different times, we have about 18 Black Belts from 3rd Degree Down but most teach.
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Top Sat 29th Mar 2008 16:19
Hayley Parker

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I am not a full-time Instructor and hence I do not teach every evening [have to fit around work and find time to train myself as well Smile ] .
However, I teach Monday and Wednesday evenings (2 hours each evening)
Friday evenings are left open for Individual/Private lessons.
I run a squad training session on Saturdays (not every Saturday).
And when required will help teach at the Sunday Black Belt lessons run by my Association.
I would be interested to hear from any other Instructors who are not full-time, and their experiences with fitting teaching, training, home-life and work-life together.
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Top Sun 30th Mar 2008 13:42
Mr Snow

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Joined: 04/12/2006
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Miss Parker,
Every full time coach has been there and held a full time job as well, You can not just decide to be a full time coach it takes years and the transition from part time to full time is not easy,

I started once a week and like many failed two schools, maybe wrong areas or maybe not the correct advertising I will never know.

When I started out i was starting work at 5am in the morning with a finnish at 2pm, Getting home and going to work at 6pm was not easy on the body or family life.

When you go full time many think its a brease, Its not as there are many things to concider for a start you have bigger work loads (140 members is hard to track) as well as making sure you sort out your book keeping, Hall hires, members insurance etc etc, if you are part time and not drwaing a wage a community account surfices but when full time every penny has to be accounted for in a bussiness account. Its harder these days to be full time as there are so many part time coaches, Any full time coach in my opinion has to have other avenues or bringing in the funds as somtimes you can not even draw a wage in hard times.

Its even harder if you run your own group as the work load is twice as much esp when you are doing the group thing on a voluntary basis,

As I said every full time coach has been part time in there lifes only some are lucky to have enougth members to go full time, but doing so is hard work as when you depend on the finnances you are fighting to survive so every new school is a another battle to contend with, When you are part time there is less dependancy on what you make as the majority just use the funds to support there schools only.

Family lifes also suffer as basically you work evenings full time.

Tae Kwon
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