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Anti-Doping and the ITF

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Thu 1st May 2008 12:03

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Having been involved in the sports nutrition industry for the last few years, I have seen first hand the wide spread use of performance enhancing drugs by people at all levels of fitness.

Young men in particular are very keen to try out anabolic steroids and diuretics. I've seen them being used by regular gym users, not so regular gym users, body builders and top athletes. I've also come across indivduals involved in martial arts who would be also using them, and some within the field of Taekwon-Do. NOTE: a member of another group.
Steroid use and performance enhancing drugs are extremely bad for your internal organs. I attended a body building show last March to see two of the athletes being taken away by ambulance after severe dyhydration from illegal diuretic abuse.
Apart from that, steroid use is cheating. Not only are you cheating against others, but you are cheating yourself and ruining the image of Taekwon-Do if you choose to use them.
Athletes at our tournaments live and sleep the training involved in the art. They are not lazy folk, they rise to the challenge naturally and train their body's to a degree of natural athleticism. They are to be applauded for that.
Those that decide to use illegal drugs to make themselves stronger and faster are to be pittied really. They have no place in our art.
Therefore, I think it's high time the ITF rose to the challenge of illegal drug use in sport and introduced dope testing at our international tournaments.
Any opinions?
We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars - Oscar Wilde
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Top Thu 1st May 2008 12:58
Mr Snow

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I was on creatine to beef up years ago and found that slowed me down.... or was it I just got fat? but I agree I have reffed our events LTSI and wondered if the competitor was on somthing as his eyes were dialated .... I suppose testing would be a good move as its better to be safe then sorry,
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Top Thu 1st May 2008 17:07
Bob Borja

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Greetings from Germany.

At face value, the concept sounds geat. But, for starters...

How would such a test run?  For example, when would the participants be tested?  On a budget, some may arrive just the day before and would otherwise compete directly in the first contest after the opening ceremony.

What are the logistical issues?  For example, who would do the testing; in-house officials or a certified laboratory?  How long would it take before the results would be known?  How fast can the match-up list be adjusted to remove "positive" would-be competitors?

What would be the additional entry fee mark-up to cover the testing costs?

What, if any, discipline consequence for those found "positive"?

Can anyone on this Forum with actual experience advise on these matters?

Thank you.

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Top Thu 1st May 2008 17:31

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Hi Mr Borja,
All relevant questions there.
Generally testing is done randomly, or for those that secure 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
The body that over see's testing at International sports events is The World Anti Doping Agency or WADA. They can send officials to any event on contact with them.
WADA are present at many of the world light contact Kickboxing events, the WAKO's for example. They are also present at WTF events and can be even present at local events. as well as the World Karate Federation and our own All styles kickboxing Association of Ireland use them regularly for international qualifiers.
I think its something that needs to be looked.
We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars - Oscar Wilde
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Top Thu 1st May 2008 19:14
Michael Boik
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It may be a good idea just to keep a safe environment. Steroids have a great effect on brain tissue which causes bad mood swings. My brother in law was taking them for body building and it greatly effected his personnality. He would become agitated at the littlest thing. He finally quit them before it did major damage. The drug could cause a competitor to lose control in the ring and hurt or even kill his opponent. I say go with the tests.



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