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Please enlighten me with answer: 1 ITF, 2 Presidents?

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Sat 26th Apr 2008 01:49
Romuald Tatus
Joined: 21/04/2008
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I've been out of TKD for several years, 2 marriages and one serious soccer injury later, I've been trying to get back to the (ITF TKD) swing of things, and 1st question upon stumbling into those 2 homepages ( and came to mind: why do we have 2 presidents? Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa & Master Tran Trieu Quan.

Thanks for shedding any light on this topic.
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Top Sat 26th Apr 2008 11:06
Mr Snow

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Sir There are three ITF's now or rather one and two others claiming to be ITF,

ITF - C is ran by G.M. Master Choi Jung Hwa (Our pressident)
ITF - V is ran by Master Tran Quan
ITF-NK ran by some IOC member (Chang Ung)

All claim to be the true ITF, but many state ITF-C is the real one as Master Choi was properly elected but our korean friends and the others tried to overturn it by putting there own people in charge once our founder pased on.

So now we have three, bit of ashambles I know.
Only problem is we now have three worlds, three Europeans, Three of everything really?

Now days people just stay with those who they feel can move there ITF group into the future.
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Top Sat 26th Apr 2008 13:11

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If I may add a little also.
Mr Snow has covered most of it though.

In 2001 in Rimni, Italy, at a special ITF congress, Master Choi Jung Hwa was legally elected as the next president of the ITF. Master Choi set about his future plans for the ITF. Some of these plans didn't suit some existing members and they kicked up. General Choi called another meeting, which was outside of the rules of the ITF and without a legal number of delegates, voted Master Choi out of the ITF. This of course was a scandal, and completely against the rules and constitution of the ITF.
Master Choi was the last legally and constitutionally elected president of the ITF. The ITF he leads today is the only one still within the bounds of that constitution. After the rules were broken, two other individuals decided they wanted to lead what was left of the ITF, Master Tran was one and Chang Ung was the other, both claiming legitimacy through their own ends. The remainder of the ITF fractured into two groups. One claiming an office in Veinna (ITF-v) the other within the control of the North Koreans (ITF nk)

For me however, it goes beyond rules and constitutions. Master Choi is the custodian of ITF Taekwon-Do, General Choi said it himself - he said Master Choi was the future, and he is.
You only have to be in Master Choi's company once to understand how special he is, not only in Taekwon-Do knowldege, but life experience and spirituality. He is an outstanding leader, who leaves all the rest in his shadow.

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars - Oscar Wilde
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Top Sat 26th Apr 2008 14:25
Mr Snow

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Wow even I did not know about some of this,
Thanks Mr Mackey for your imput.

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Top Sat 26th Apr 2008 20:11
Master Rai

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I will add further to this. When Gen. Choi left Canada for the last time to go to North Korea. I was at the airport at 5:30am with Master Choi and along with other senior Instructors. Master Choi went to Gen. Choi and did a tradional Korean Bow showing his respect for his father. At this time, Gen. Choi got out of his wheelchair and hugged Master Choi. Gen. Choi them walked up to a group of us and we showed our respects to the founder. He then said something I will never forget and that was "always follow my son, Master Choi." He then left. This was the saddest day for Master Choi as he has always wanted to be like his father. There are people out there saying Master Choi has no respect for his father but I can tell you there is no other that Respects Gen. Choi than his son, Master Choi. Master Choi was groomed from day one to be the next succesor and really who better to know Taekwon-Do than him as he was around Gen. Choi all the time.
Just my few words.


Master Rai

Master Parm Rai

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Top Sat 26th Apr 2008 21:03
Mr Snow

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Joined: 04/12/2006
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few  I have met over the years have had there own thoughts on this especially those who are Independents nowdays.

The most common conspiracy theory I have herd by many, Lets call it that cos that is what it is i think,

General Choi new after his passing that some would try to take control of the ITF , who better then his true air but his son to take leadership who has been neurtured for the job from the early days. He also new there was no way he could return to his home land without a sacrifice so staging a problem with his son which supposly happened prior to his passing, was a way to ensure the true ITF could move forward without interfearance from the North Koreans and Co. Only now days both the other ITF's are slowly realising ITF has a leadership which promises to move forward and be forward thinking in there approach to how things should move into the future.

I really have no clue on that but to me given what Master Rai has said it sounds more feasable given what has happend over the past few years.

Bottom line if you want to move forward with a group who are dedicated to the late founders wishes and dreams be a member of the true ITF.

Again don't quote me as this is what few non ITF people think happened to the Real ITF.
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Top Tue 29th Apr 2008 14:49
David Sims
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It is great that Master Rai was there that day and that he can give a true account of what really happened. It is a great shame that we now have 3 ITF's and numerous independents. As well as the whole WTF thing. Wouldn't it be great to have everyone doing the same, to have a genuine wolrd championships.Only promblem being that I fear that day will never come.
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Top Tue 29th Apr 2008 20:29
Michael Boik
Joined: 15/04/2007
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I whole heartedly agree, who else but Master Choi. No disrespect to the Masters out there but Master Choi has spent much of his time with Gen. Choi and devoted his life to the art because of Gen. Choi. At a time Master Choi was persueing other things and left TKD. Gen. Choi asked Master Choi to come back to TKD and he hasn't looked back.
I look at the old issues of " The Human Weapon", and I see people who had left the ITF returning and I can see this happening again. I think the most important thing is speading the art that Gen. Choi gave to us. When I started TKD back in 1981, I didn't even know Gen. Choi was still alive let alone the ITF still existed. It was like the Magazines wanted nothing to do with the ITF. Now, there is so much information out there via the web, magazines, DVD's, etc. it would be hard not to know the ITF or Taekwon-Do.
I just want to say Thank You to Master Choi and to all the Masters and instructors who give their time and much patience to teach us this Art.


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