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Sine Wave

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Mon 21st Apr 2008 20:08

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Dear All:

I have a question about sine wave. Our movements are supposed to be natural and relaxed? Now I remember when sine wave was part of the natural stepping/moving motion. But now I am being taught that the actual sine wave is performed in the last 50-25% of the movement.

When moving from one walking stance to another we stay low not letting our body raise naturally until after we past the center point of our movement. Then we raise and perform a full sine wave during the last 50-25% of the movement.

Although I am trying to do it this way. It feels much more natural when I develop the sine wave in my natural walking / moving motion.

Can someone offer some feedback.


John Szostek
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Top Tue 22nd Apr 2008 14:06

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Hi Mr Szostek,

The way you describe is the way it is described in the book. Keeping the knees bent until central position, as you step out raise the body through knee spring and then land utilising the mass. The initial dip down to go up is very slight, and the drop down on impact is full force. This is something I've seen Master Rai perform for President Choi several times.

Hope thats of some use!
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Top Tue 22nd Apr 2008 16:27
Michael Boik
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I think this is the: UP-DOWN....DOWN-UP-DOWN  confusion about sine wave. I feel that I'm doing it right but I still need work on it. I guess this is why they say you never stop learning.Big smile



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Top Wed 23rd Apr 2008 12:21

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Mr. Mackey, Mr. Boik

Thanks for your input. I have been to many seminars with President Choi, Master Wheatley and Master Rai where this is always an important topic and I am trying to do better with it everyday.


John Szostek
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Top Thu 24th Apr 2008 17:07
James Horobin

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Joined: 04/12/2006
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Found this Video of the General on sine wave thought it might be of use. www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pb50lahbK4&feature=related.
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