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Thu 29th May 2008 00:17
Mr Snow

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Joined: 04/12/2006
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You know I had a call from a 6th Degree instructor today and we talked for about an hour on the phone, We spoke about Master grades and during the call he said he had herd some say about certian people in ITF who had reached Master Grade but seniors had siad 'Oh he is to young for Master Grade' so the question is when should a person get the Master Grade.
for me 30 plus years in the art warrants the grade, I also think other things count ie matchurity, humbleness and most importantly knowledge and what you have done for the art NOT just personal achievments ie what you have done for local communities and for the full package skill.
what are your views on this topic?Smile
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Top Thu 29th May 2008 03:02
Nick Malefyt

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In my opinion it should be a combination of the following:

1) A Master Instructor should teach. Now I am not saying that they need to own a school. But if they don't they should be active within their organization in terms of helping to spread TKD. This can include teaching seminars to make it nice and easy.

2) A Master Instructor should be someone that all students - including senior black belts - respect and look up to. Someone that you can look at and see - this is why this person is a Master Instructor. It might be their physical technique or their understanding of the theories behind the art

3) Time will forever be a point of contention with many people. The time put in should be looked at - but at the same time we must trust the judgement of our Senior Master's when they promote someone to Master Instructor (again this can be their leadership skills, disposition, attitude, contribution to spreading the art). Obviously there are 3 levels of people that are involved. 1) Other Master's should feel the person is worthy of the honor. 2) The new Master should feel confident in their overall knowledge of the art. 3) And students (whether the Master's students or students throughout the organization) should be comfortable with the administrations decision. Now I am not saying that you can satisfy everyone - but you can try. One of the reasons people stay in an organization is because of their instructor and the leadership and experience of the Master's within the organization

4) Physically speaking (again this is my personal opinion) a Master should be able to demonstrate technique until physical limitations stop them from doing so -of course at this time they should walk the walk and teach with words. But personally I love seeing Master's out on the floor sweating next to me as they guide me on my journey

5) Regarding the Do - a Master should be able to hand down not just the physical aspects of the art - but the social/theoretical aspects as well.

6) Finally - and most important to me - A Master should continue to contribute. Like getting a black belt I don't think that the Master title signifies the end of the journey. But rather a new beginning to help Taekwon-Do continue to evolve (reserach new applications) and continue to spread


Nick Malefyt, V Dan
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Top Thu 29th May 2008 12:24

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Master level in any field is not something that can be 'given' or 'denied' by anyone. A true master of anything will become that level naturally. All that can be done by his or her peers is acknowledge the the person has acheived that level of mastery. Age is only hurdle erected by those that feel threatened. No one can deny anyone the level of mastery, it something that will come with the correct frame of mind and training.
We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars - Oscar Wilde
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Top Thu 29th May 2008 12:40
Mr Snow

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Joined: 04/12/2006
Topics: 58 Replies: 164
Exactly, My opinion on it is if a person has given say 30 years of there life to the art and has all the atributes mentioned even if they are only say 36 they still derserve the Master Grade esp if they are commited and developing TKD in there countries,

I too think it is awsome if the Master is tecnical at an old age 'Master Harry is my idol' that is what a real Master is - old in body young in mind, by all accounts if I am like him at 60+ I will be a happy man.
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