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whats going on?

Why so much negativity?
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Wed 28th May 2008 14:58
Mr Snow

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Cripes I was just on you tube, just browsing a few clips and decided to read some of the 'WORTHLES COMMENTS' made..... We store many videos on you tube for our web  but we cut the responses as too much negativity out there. Saying that we get the odd twat try and post then we ban them.....
Anyway to the question: What the hell is going on? if you dont do MMA you and your style is Cr*p accoding to the you tube family, One guy said 'Tae Kwon Do people are spineless' yet what I have seen there have been quite a few TKD people do it and be a success.
I not sure but I am beginning to think TKD people are the most disciplined around  (And most politicle) - I was always taught respect all regardless of style, cread, race yet some of the jerks on you tube are dam right disrespectfull.
I have a number of friends that are seniors in different arts, two 5th Dans in Shotakhan but they would never slate off others, a guy who is a wing chung ace 30 years in again he has loads of respect.
These gy=uys on youtube are they the type of jerks that are the result of the BIG MAC DOJOS or is it MMA to blame.
If you look on you tube you will see many comments, are they just key board warriors or just those who have been given a BB under a ruthless coach who lets grade get bought.
Yikes, I am  a purist and I love my art, I think TKD is a deep art but some get the degree, go do another art pass another degree then move on too easy,,,,,, kinda like a relationship these people have NO commitment and do not understand the art the way they should.
End of rantUnhappy
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Top Wed 28th May 2008 19:40
Michael Boik
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Mr. Snow,
This will happen no matter what video is up on You Tube. You have millions of people viewing videos every day who have no idea what is happening in the videos or have no experience as to what you are doing. The only thing they know how to do is bad mouth the video. I would say just use the delete option on the comments that are offensive.


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Top Wed 28th May 2008 22:28

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Mr Snow, don't worry about what some gobdaw on the internet says about anything. The internet has some strange folk lurking around! Including young egotistical 'martial artists'
We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars - Oscar Wilde
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Top Wed 28th May 2008 23:59
Mr Snow

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Joined: 04/12/2006
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I know I should not get hot under the coller, but Martial Arts is about truth, The truth is before we start learning life has no real meaning we have no ambition and have no way forward and have no clue on goal setting.

we take up an art and the Martial Way begins and a path seems to open where we learn to take our minds and skills into depts we thought we would never be able to reach,

Idiots think Martial Arts are about fighting - so if we all adopt this view then what they are saying Kinda just because you are an ace shot in 'sheet shooting' you should go kill everyone with the gun.... Der NO just because you are an ace shot you respect the danger that can be unleashed if you really want to..... and in most cases will always try to walk away.

Where the heck did that come from?

Anyone see STRIKE on Brittons Got Talent? They were good.... liked the humour

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