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The threat of another recession, Has it effected you.

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Fri 16th May 2008 18:23
Mr Snow

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What with the loom of another recession upon us, Has anyone found things have slowed down with regards to getting new members?
I ask cos personally I think its hard now to get new re-cruits and that comes from some one who has advertised every way there is since January 2008 but had little response.
As most know I am full time as a coach and at this time I am thinking about setting up my old company and working full time again to get through it, I have about 140 members training but I forsee the recession is gonna harm most of us -
Of course I think the first step will be lower all prices first but if that fails its back to the grind stone....... Well anyone feel the same way.Question
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Top Sun 18th May 2008 01:19
Nick Malefyt

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I have 2 friends (that train with me) that each own their own school.

In one case, last year at this time, one had 391 students - today he is down to 331 - 60 students down

In the other case, last year at this time, the other school had just over 300 members and today is down to the 250-260 range.

These are both full time schools. Both instructors have been told that the economy is indeed the reason many students are stopping. Now I am only basing this on 2 of my friends schools - in one geographic area - but that says enough for me to say I see what you are saying.

Hang in there though. As you know many of us have full time careers and full or part time schools - bottom line is you have to do what you have to do!

Nick Malefyt, V Dan

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