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Hardening feet

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Fri 9th May 2008 02:29
Glen Jones

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I train on a wooden floor and alway end up with shocking blisters, I have wearing shoes sing becoming a black belt but im soon hoping to grade again soon. I will of course have to go without shoes. Any idears on how to harden the soles?
Also I am trying to find out what the what I call train lines above and below the fist of the ITF badge represent. My Instructor could not help me. My guess is they are the latatude and longatude lines of the map of the world. I could be miles off of course.
Thanks everybody and good training
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Top Fri 9th May 2008 07:12
Bob Borja

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Mr. Jones,

Go bare-footed as much as possible both indoors and outdoors. Over time with callous build-up, you will be able to walk on pebbles bare-footed without pain.

Also, minimize having feet in water (i.e., in swimming pool) for long periods of time.

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Top Fri 9th May 2008 12:02
Mr Snow

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We have always trained bare footed - I remrember having a chat with one of the UKTA Masters (Master Cutler) who said letting students ware shoes in class causes many problems later on in life (Ie when they are black belts) somthing to do with musiles in the feet dont form correctly and the skin will stay soft.

I think the solution is as Mr Borja said - I remember the days when as part of our training we had buckets of sand and we used to stab the thinger tip thrust into them and punch the sand for set times to harden up the skin. (Dont see this being done these days) to much pleasure pain I guess..Big smile
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Top Fri 9th May 2008 17:20
Vaughan Buxton

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Mr Jones,

I call your problem with Blisters "White Belt Feet" as this is often the case with them. I advise students to put Surgical Spirit on a bit of cotton wool and apply to the sole of their feet. This will harden the skin up at nearly no cost. But as Sirs say above, training without shoes is essential as your feet will sweat in shoes which will only make them softer.

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Top Sun 11th May 2008 01:45
Glen Jones

Joined: 06/02/2007
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Thanks everyone.

will try all all of the above. I have too reasions for training in shoes, 1. is because i am on warfrin (blood thiner) and if I get a blood blister it is a shocker and puts me out for many weeks. 2. My own personal theory is if you need to use your TKD in self defence it is far more likely you will have shoes on, this changes the way you pivit and ballance. Alot of my kicks now I have taken away the pivit and use stepping to save my knees.

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Top Tue 13th May 2008 11:56

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About the design on the ITF logo.
I was told a long time back that the lines at the top and bottom signify heaven (above) and earth (below) and they are interlinked by the curving line that meets at the golden fist.
The fist symbolising Taekwon-Do signifies training both mind and body (heaven and earth).

As for hardening the feet, I concure with everyone. I always train barefeet as it's the best way to keep them tough enough. Otherwise blisters will occur.

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Top Tue 13th May 2008 13:03
Glen Jones

Joined: 06/02/2007
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Thank you Mr Mackey

Very interesting>
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