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Mon 31st Mar 2008 19:56

Joined: 04/12/2006
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Dear all:
I just wanted to congratulate Master Dalton on his recent promotion. On this board I often read of all the things he is doing around the world. He has truly dedicated his life to Taekwon-do.
Congratulation Sir,
John Szostek
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Top Mon 31st Mar 2008 22:27

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Joined: 08/07/2007
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As you can imagine Mr Szostek, we are all really delighted here in Ireland that this decision was made.
Master Dalton will be one of the true greats of the ITF, his energy and dedication to ITF is truly astounding. Since he took the lead of ITF Ireland it has expanded incredibly fast and is now the single largest martial arts organistion in Ireland. I have the true honour of being one of the first groups to join INO 47 back in 2004, a decision that has changed my entire life for the better.
Master Dalton has become one of the most important figures in my life, and is much more than an instructor to me. His life is enriched by 'Do' as he is one of the few greats that truly live out the tenets.

He is a remarkable man, in many many ways.
Taekwon sir!
We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars - Oscar Wilde
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Top Tue 1st Apr 2008 01:55
Nick Malefyt

Joined: 04/12/2006
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Congratulations Master Dalton. Well deserved.


Nick Malefyt
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Top Tue 1st Apr 2008 09:44
Mark Skyrme

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Joined: 10/01/2007
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Congratulations Master Dalton, a true inspiration to the ITF and a promotion well deserved.
Mark Skyrme

facile est inventis addere.
it is easy to add to things already invented.

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Top Tue 1st Apr 2008 11:30
Mr Snow

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Joined: 04/12/2006
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Though I have only met and spoke to Mr Dalton once I was inspired by his mannerisms and his knowledge of the art, A well deserved promotion to Master Level.

Tae Kwon
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Top Tue 1st Apr 2008 14:17
Master Gee

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Joined: 04/12/2006
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Dear Don,

This is a personal congratulations and on behalf of Africa ITF. You're part of the future of the ITF, as General Choi was the main character of the foundation of the ITF.


George Ashiru
ITF Africa Expansion Committee

Master George H. Ashiru                                                                                                                               Chairman, ITF Africa Expansion Committee                                                                                           President, ITF Nigeria

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Top Tue 1st Apr 2008 17:27
Bob Borja

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Joined: 10/01/2007
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Master Dalton,

On behalf of Taekwon-Do Central, congratulations!
The work you do for our ITF, as shown again at the IIC you so well organized last weekend, is absolutely remarkable.

 All the best in the future.

Bob Borja  V

                                                           Vincit qui se vincit.                                                                  
                                             He conquers who conquers himself.                                                     

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Top Tue 1st Apr 2008 22:21
Shane Fitzgibbon

Joined: 04/12/2006
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I am proud to be a student of Master Dalton for over twenty years. This loyalty is not just because of his knowledge of Taekwon-do, not just because of his integrity, not just because of his humility, but because he inspires me to be a better person than I am. He embodies the tenets of Taekwon-do and was a Master in my (and fellow long-time students Mr. Riordan's and Mr. Moriarty's) mind long before he held the title of Master.

Congratulations, Sir.

S. Fitzgibbon, V
Post # 9
Top Thu 3rd Apr 2008 23:40
John Riordan

Joined: 04/12/2006
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Congratulations to my instructor Master Dalton on his promotion. It is heartwarming to read all these posts, Master Dalton is truly loved and respected in the martial arts community worldwide. I have known Master Dalton for almost 25 years and am proud to call myself his student and friend. I recall as teenagers with nothing more than a love of Taekwon-do and dreams of what we could achieve. We have travelled a long and happy road, made mistakes, learned and grew stronger. What we have acheived and where we are today would have been impossible but for Master Dalton's ability to turn these dreams into reality. Master Dalton truly inspires us to be better martial artists and more importantly, better human beings. Our unwavering loyalty to Master Dalton will continue as long as we hold a breath in our bodies.
Congratulations Sir.
Post # 10
Top Mon 5th May 2008 04:02
Alek Milanov

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Joined: 05/05/2008
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I know this comes little late, but I would like to congratulate Master Dalton to his well deserved promotion. Those of us that know him can vouch for his true dedication to President Choi and the ITF.

Alek Milanov
Alek Milanov
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Top Wed 7th May 2008 19:48
Ben England

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Joined: 27/04/2007
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I spoke to Master Dalton on Saturday at Master Wolf's Tournament to Congratulate him on his promotion and despite only ever meeting him twice at the Irish Opens in 2007 and 2005, was delighted that he remembered me. He is a true gentleman and a definite Master of the art of Taekwondo in every Possible way.

Congratulations again sir.
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