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Result Section on the Website

Historical and Latest Competition Result on the Website
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Wed 16th Jul 2008 11:39
Samuel Brown

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Joined: 04/12/2006
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Dear Sir,
I would like to know if there could be an historical section of past World & European Champions and an result section on your site not only for the UK Taekwondo events but also other world-wide event which have been held. The reasoning for this is that I feel that it would encourage more participation and also maybe encourage more junior members to enter. I have on occasion been ask where a certain person was position in an event, and was unable to give a good answer. I was told that after training for an event or discipline that their efforts were not recognised by their peers or championship organiser.
What are your views on this?
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Top Sat 19th Jul 2008 14:35
Jamaine Hemmings

Joined: 06/02/2007
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i agree with that. it would be good to have a section on this website of championships results. even if it was just world championships. for example, i've tried to find the results from the world championships held in korea and can't find them anywhere. and that wasn't even that long ago.

is this possible webmaster?
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