I was going over both Ko-Dangs today with a student and we had a discussion about the stopping point for the Hooking Kick.  Idealy, the Hooking Kick is defensive.  I read from the condensed version encyclopedia the info about the kick and levels it is performed at (low and middle) and ultimately what the primary targets are.
When performing the old Ko-Dang I performed it with the foot coming all the way to the ground.  I was taught that if I stopped it prior it would then be considered a checking kick.
In the New Ko-Dang AKA Juche we stop it and don't allow it to come towards the ground completely because it is then followed by a side piercing kick. 
My question is, as an individual technique where does the hooking kick stop?  Again, it is done both low and middle section.
Thank you in advance.
Michael Munyon, VI Dan
US-ITF Armed Forces Director
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