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Tae Kwon Do Indifferances

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Tue 26th Feb 2008 11:08
Mr Snow

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Joined: 04/12/2006
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I wanted to post this here and try and see if others have noticed things I have in Tae Kwon Do,
My History was we were part of a large Non ITF UK group from 1986 to 1992, here there was no sine wave, no knee spring and no kinetic linkage, alot of things were out dated like a low block being over the knee and kicking machanics were not concerntrated on etc. Tuls were done fast and no real meaning.
In 1992 we joined a smaller group the BUTF where we spent 9 years, A group with good substance but again many things were missing again no sine wave, we had no clue about kinetic linkage yet they were hot on knee spring. The machanics of correct kicking and breath control were practiced always, waist twist was also concerntrated on and tuls were slower but correctly executed.
In 2001 we joined the ITF as independents and today we reside as affiliates to the ITA. The journey to ITF ways continues for us and we continue to learn yet I personally have seen differences in ITF but the gaps are much smaller between the ITF's as per say Independents.
So what have we learnt from being part of the ITF? well firstly kinetic linkage, exceleration of tecniques and relaxing whilst in motion increases power, there are many things we have learnt but the one thing I believe we have gained is power, when we moved with the others I could only break two white boards all tecniques and had no confidence yet through ITF tecniques the power has increased 90% of my members and me can break the hard red ukta boards with ease a fate we would have not try years gone by. As to sine wave well we try and we have members that are good at it but in all truth we are still learning it.
yet in ITF there are minor indifference, some masters mainly from the other ITF's will claim this is wrong that is wrong yet when we return home our own masters will say thats not right, I think over time we will have to stop attending other seminars as each of the ITF's will have indifferences as we move forward,
Personally I think ITF C has good substance, and this comes from some one who has been a member of all three ITF's in the past 7 years.
I would like to here others opinions on what benifits they found when they joined the ITF  maybe opinions on the ITF situation,  I know that ITF C is commited to standardizing ITF tecniques and feel this will take us forward but most like me enter all ITF events and over time our members will loose points at events due to minor changes which may reflect our results.
sorry to ramble on - I look forward to your replys
Sorry about the spelling mistakes. :-)
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Top Thu 28th Feb 2008 01:56
Nick Malefyt

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From President Choi I have learned much about using center mass

From Master Wheatley - he always is able to focus on areas that are not always reviewed in other seminars - stances, footwork, dodging, jumping, and breaking

From Master Nicholls - I love the term Kinetic Linking and the speed factor

From Master Rai - I love staying on top of what is being introduced worldwide and how ITF (C) is evolving

I do agree that, in training with people from outside your organization, things can become "fuzzy" - but at the same time it is nice to share ideas... and the beauty of it is if it allows you to see a particular strong or weak point and it can be treated accordingly.

ITF (C) indeed has "substance". Even though President Choi has said "follow the way - not the man" - we have great people to help lead us on our way!


Nick Malefyt, V Dan
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Top Fri 11th Jul 2008 21:32

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Mr. Snow & Mr. Malefyt,
Emails don't always express or explain details very well and sometimes they are even misunderstood. I hope this response is something that will help you and also support your observations about the positive aspects of TKD  
You have a lot of knowledge and experience from your previous training that you can use to build a more solid ITF foundation. What General Choi and ITF have given the world is the oppertunity to make ourself better not only physically but also mentally and spiritually.
I use the term in my classes "make the movement feel more natural"
Think about anything you do in life, when you do it more relaxed and without stress it seems to turn out better. That's kind of what TKD is like.....relaxed to a point then....speed, power and concentration of that power and speed into a single complete movement at the target area.
I also have been to many ITF seminars over the years. And I also have heard several different explinations for the same technique and it can become very confussing. 
After a confussing answer I try and talk with the most senior person to see if I can get better understanding. Many times that helps clear up the confussion.
As a second option I refer to General Choi's text book and a couple of other items that he has left for us. The text book does have pretty good pictures in it which really helps answer some of the basic questions.
The other two items I use are The 9 Points to Observe in Patterns of Taekwon-Do and The 8 Training Secrets of Taekwon-Do.
In the 9 Points, #3, #4, help me. And in the 8 Training Secrets #2, #3, #4, #6 and #8 all help me develop what we are looking for in TKD.
All the 9 Points and 8 Secrets are improtant, but I think we need a little bit of all the parts of TKD as General Choi left us to become fast, crisp, accurate, powerful, and graceful. A difference between a good pattern or technique and an excellent pattern or technique is the acceleration of the technique.
I have limited experience in other styles of martial arts and by all means don't have all the answers to General Choi's style. But all my training history starting in 1970 has been in General Choi's ITF style. 
Training in ITF is like having a balanced diet - you need a little bit of many food groups to have a strong and healthy body - Just like in General Choi's ITF, you need a little bit of all the parts.
Master Terry Batch
Michigan State Director 
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Top Sat 12th Jul 2008 14:29
Mr Snow

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Joined: 04/12/2006
Topics: 58 Replies: 164
Thanks for your reply Master Batch, Its great that in the ITF Masters are now more prepared to discuss issues with there juniors, We all learn esp from our seniors that offer knowledge and wisdom of our art.

I think this ITF is very sound, I have always said to my groups instructors we must respect all grades in Tae Kwon Do regardless of our ranks, Esp beginners as afterall they are our future or rather the arts future.

Tae Kwon Sir!
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