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Being accountable

Should our seniors be accountable for there actions
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Thu 28th Aug 2008 13:23
Mr Snow

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I thought I would post this, many seniors are now working on there own operating there own groups esp outside ITF C with out anyone watching over them, in the ITF C I see that many of us are infact in possitions where we are accountable,

Me personally I have three that advise and watch over me and my group, Master Nicholls, Master Harry and Mr Skyrme,
What I like about the ITF C is its structure,
G.M.Choi (Head accoutable to all Masters)
our masters (Accoutable to the G.M.Choi and there own instructors)
Instructors (Accountable to all the above and their membership)
The Members (Accountable to all the above and the public, if they act badly they are accountable)
The WTF saga that happened was a real joke, in 23 years I have only ever seen an instance like that but not that bad it was a well known competitor call another degree member a 'baboon' cos of his colour. 'The action against him was banned from BUTF events for life' He was and still is an ITF member so it realy did not mean a thing at all.
The WTF are sying this guy  will be banned from the olympics, will this mean he can can still compete in WTF events? in my opinion he needs to be banned from the WTF, and is it fair that the coach is being repremanded as this was somthing no one can predict or is it.
The point is everyone is accountable, the BTC is a great source as mentioned before I know of a 4th Degree who beat his wife and kids, (He has been forced to leave there home) he is from ITF V group, he has no CRB yet he teaches kids as young as 5 years old and is a total jerk but no one can touch him, I hope the UKCC thing will get rid of this type of coach as it goes against the tenets and what we stand for,
The fact is everyone is accountable, if you are a Master acting badly you can still be repremanded regardless, therefore we all have to watch our actions in and out the Do-Jang and in my opinion a body has to be set up in all countries to stop instructors like the one I have mentioned from being in possitions of authority.
What do you all think about accountability,,,,,,
Tae Kwon 
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Top Fri 29th Aug 2008 11:47
Jack Martin

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Hello Mr. Snow,
In reflecting upon your question, the ITF C does have it's checks and balances as you say providing stucture in authority.  I would also say, in your situation, you have a conscious picture of one's true authority and ranking.  That makes a good, if not excellent ITF student and student/Instructor.
One item you may not have considered is the ITF C Executive Committees which oversees the whole organization.  They are listed on the links provided at the bottom of the front page of our ITF website.  Just click on that and you will be taken to the positions held by elected officials in the ITF C.  This link provides all of us the information on all of the committee members that have been nominated to their perspective positions and the existing committees.
You asked about discipline.  In our organization, we have the below listed ITF C Members in charge of the disciplinary committee:
Chairman Master Isaac Harry (UK)
Members Mr. Vladimir Eghiazaryan (Ukraine)
I've always studied ITF under General Choi and President Choi since 1977.  As you listed out your pecking order of accountability and structure, here in the USA, I look to Master Wheatley not only for accountability, but capability and qualifications.  The essence of continuing a true ITF C education.  It's well known that ITF certificates are so well respected because we don't dilute nor give Dan certificates away to look more impressive in numbers as this leads to unqualified instructors, or even worse, students that think they are more qualified then they truly are and that tends to trickle down weakening an organization and impacting their students.  That is what tends to happen to these black belts that don't belong to the ITF.  They end up promoting themselves only locally, have no international recognition, their own governing concepts which usually means only their opinion and differs from a professional international governing body such as the ITF C.
As you mentioned your personal checks and balances starts first with your seniors and ends with the ITF with President Choi, who by the way is ultimately the person who places his name on our certificates.  I am honored to have 3 of my 4 Dan certificates with the Founder's signature, the fourth, President Choi, which is also an honor.  Here in the US, I look to Master Wheatley and the US-ITF for national guidance and continuing education and of course, the ITF C under President Choi for international technical guidance, rules, regulations and guidelines to continue to remain authentic Taekwon-Do.
What does the belt mean if you don't have the respect of the others that stand before you on the floor, those that stand next to you at your same level?  Also just as important, is the respect of the juniors who look to you for guidance and the other seniors standing before them for validation.
With regards to the inappropriate actions of the WTF black belt, I don't know.  If the WTF individual who struck the referee in the olympics were a student of mine, he would be in back of the class, wearing no belt and doing 20 times the pushups every class for a very long time until he earned it back or he would be demoted and see if his ego could stand that.  More then likely, he would quit.  However, we have no bearing on what other's do outside of the ITF C in the name of Taekwon-Do.  We can only strive to remain true to our beliefs and those created by General Choi and continue to look forward to being guided into the future by President Choi.  In the big picture, it's the WTF olympian that has to carry this baggage around for the rest of his life.
For the memory of our Founder, for President Choi and all our dedicated members, we hold ourselves accountable.  Who knows, this knucklehead from the olympics could quit the WTF, start up "No Integrity Tae Kwon Do" and print out a certificate on his printer that he is a 30th Dan.  But, of course it would have no validation, for it is not recognized by our President, our organization, our members and doesn't reflect our Founder's dreams, integrity nor technique that we work hard to critique, learn and live by.
Jack Martin, IVth




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Top Fri 29th Aug 2008 12:52
Mr Snow

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Joined: 04/12/2006
Topics: 58 Replies: 164
Hi Mr Martin,
I have always said since the creation of the LTSI to my membership without students there are no instructors, without instructors there are no Masters and with out Masters there are NO grand masters,

What this means in my own warped mind LOL is we all need each other, system of rank in vital in any army to maintain tranquilaty and that really is what the ITF is an army or a family, we need our seniors to educate and lead but to stay humble is also vital as we all know respect is earnt and not given.

The WTF guy would be out my club with a boot up his rear end I am affraid, cos that behaviour in the ring is stupid but then again I don't forgive easily.

As I said befor ITF C has a great leadership hence the LTSI's return to it, granted there are those I dont get on with in the ITF who reside in it due to difference of opinion but respect is always given when in the company of them, but no army or family is 100% happy with each other, we are kinda like a box of liquist all sorts.

Tae Kwon Sir
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