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Book about TaeKwon-Do

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Sat 4th Apr 2009 21:33
David Hillery

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I would like to find out if anyone has read any FICTION books or stories that are about TaeKwon-Do, or have some TaeKwon-Do in them. If I were to get a sci-fi taekwon-do book published, would anyone want to buy a copy? I think it would be good for the Organization if we had books to read where characters use TaeKwon-Do, or illustrate good principles to the readers. It would be a lot of fun, and maybe result in a motion picture.

Let me know what you can tell me. Are there any good book out there?

David Hillery  -

Anything You Dream For is Worth Waiting For...

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Top Thu 16th Apr 2009 22:50
Sahyum Nim Tanei Campos

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Hi David, Ill think about your project and soon Ill try to contact you. I have some ideas and a book to do from my experience since 1976 when I started to trainning with Master Sang Min Cho, who introduced the Taekwon-Do in Brazil on June/1970


Tanei Campos
Tanei Campos
Sahyum Nim
Teyang TaekwonDo President
CREF 42695 G/SP

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