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Additional Income from your Dojang

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Tue 30th Sep 2008 15:13
Michael Munyon

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I was wondering what some of the school owners do on here to help bring in additional income.
Personally, I bring in a guest instructor (local instructor) and have them do a workshop/seminar.
I conduct a themed class such as Women's Self-Defense, weapon classes and etc.
There are some full time schools that do after school programs, birthday parties and etc.  Most of them say they get approx 15-20% of of their annual income from those kinds of things.
Proshop sales/discounts work for some schools. 
What does your school do to bring in extra income? 
Michael Munyon, VI Dan
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Top Tue 30th Sep 2008 20:45

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Hi Mr Munyon,

I do the same with guest instructors. Sunday just gone I held a relaity based self defence class with a top guy from England who came over to teach for the day and it was very successful.
Other options are small club tournaments, kickathon (sponsorship) etc are all great ideas.

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Top Sat 22nd Nov 2008 10:44
Alasdair Walkinshaw

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We held a spronsored kickathon at the end of September to raise funds to buy our competition team tracksuits, we managed to raise 900 from 32 students who took part.

We did it as a mini competition with both junior and senior winners getting a small trophy. In 3 minutes of kicking the 32 students managed a staggering 10,000 kicks between them. An average of 104 kicks per min

There was no technical element to the kick the only conditions were that the foot had to return to the floor before it could be used again, and it must strike the pad to be counted.

There are loads of different marketing tools you can use too that will increase your student base and therefore your income from the school. We do daft little things like introduce a friend and you get a free set of focus pads after they have done 4 lessons and paid for a licence. I had to give out 10 sets of pads last month, but the increase in lesson fees more than paid for it.

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