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Thu 11th Jun 2009 15:33
Christofer Zorn

Joined: 20/10/2008
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Is there a portion of the website where we can go to ask technical questions?  There have been a couple posted here with no responses (one about Ko-Dang and the other on Choong Moo), however there are several postings dealing with personal websites and they highly responded to.  Is this website for Taekwon-Do Technical Assistance or a method to post and promote unrelated websites?

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Top Mon 6th Jul 2009 11:26
Alasdair Walkinshaw

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Joined: 18/11/2008
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Mr Zorn

Try going to the new site TKD Source, there is a Technical Section on there and it is monitored by Masters such as Master Rai etc who provide definitive answers to your question.

Click this link to visit : LINK 

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Top Mon 6th Jul 2009 13:24
Mark Skyrme

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Joined: 10/01/2007
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Mr Zorn,

Yes, but this section is currently under construction. It will be monitored by the ITF Technical Committee and as such answers given will have the authority of the ITF. It is planned that any such questions posted will be email directly to the committee which should aid in a speedy response.

The new site TKD SOURCE does indeed have many senior degree holders that may be able to offer their opinion, and assistance. Please be aware that this may or may not be in line with ITF Policy, unless of cause it comes from our Technical Committee. I believe this will be tagged as "Source Content"

Best Regards

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