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Interpretation of Kodang

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Mon 1st Jun 2009 15:37

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Taekwon from Germany
I want to know some news about the interpretation of Kodang-Tul (Juche). After the renaming I was often asked about some news. But I havnt an answer!

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Top Thu 2nd Jul 2009 22:24

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Hello sir,

What exactly are you looking for about the interpretation?

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Top Mon 26th Oct 2009 12:32
Midnight Star

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I think Tom means the pattern meaning?
I have been learning the meaning for the original Ko-Dang but leaving out the bit that relates to the number of moves as, obviously, Original Ko-Dang has 39 but Juche/Ko-dang has 45.(well i sure hope i've just got those numbers right! =) )
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