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Veterans division at the World Championships 35yrs and over

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Tue 13th Jan 2009 05:20

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Taekwon everyone,

This is my first posting on the forum.

I just heard that there will be no Veterans division at the next World Championship in South Korea.  I don't understand the logic behind this decision.  What harm would there be to include this category at the world level?

I believe that there are alot of veterans who still want to compete.  Especially at the world level.  I know that Master Nicholls tried to add this division in Birmingham in 2007 which I truly appreciate.  Thank you.  But I don't see why this can't be a permanent division for all World Championships.

 Can someone explain to me why this decision is being made?

Thank you and Taekwon from Canada

Brian Thorpe  


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Top Mon 25th May 2009 18:42
Bob Borja

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I support the idea for a veteran division.

                                                           Vincit qui se vincit.                                                                  
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Top Thu 28th May 2009 01:02
Jeff Myler
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do you know where the 2010 veterans will be held & what date it will be on?

Regards Jeff Myler
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