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Wed 25th Nov 2009 22:23
Mick Flaherty

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We are currently using the Kihap in patterns from Chong Ji to Gae Baek. My question is, are there any kihaps listed for the patterns from Eui Am to Tong Il and if so where are they to be performed?
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Top Thu 26th Nov 2009 10:00
Mark Skyrme

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Hi Sir,

I believe the technical committee and Master Choi are investigating Ki-Haps for those patterns. An official announcement will be distributed as soon as they have been finalised.


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Top Tue 1st Dec 2009 13:35
Bob Borja

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Just as feedback: I was at a national championship hosted by an ITF-C organization with 280 participants last Saturday. Except for my own students and two other competitors, the additional Ki-Haps were not as they should be per the listing on this Forum and highlighted at Masters seminars. Sure, there were non ITF-C competitors there, but the majority were ITF-C members. In any case, the additional Ki-Haps added more "spark" to the Tuls for those who used them.

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