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UK ITF British Championships

This is an ITF Sanctioned UK ITF Championships

25th October 2014 09:00 to 20:00 @ K2, Crawley




The Only ITF Sanctioned Tournament in the UK

25th October 2014 - 09.30am Start

-Patterns / Sparring / Destruction / Special Technique-

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Dear Instructors,

You and your students are invited to take part in The UK ITF British Championships 2014, to be held on 25th October 2014 at The K2, Crawley, West Sussex.


All entries are to be submitted electronically. Please visit www.tkd.co.uk, to enter your team.

Login in with your user name and password and follow the online prompts.

Closing date for entries will be the 22nd October 2014. Any entries received or amended between 23-24th October will incur an additional surcharge of 10. Each competitor & Official will receive a lanyard, please ensure all details are correct when submitting entries & include a photograph.


The will be no coaches at this competition. However each club will need a point of contact/chaperone to present their competitors at weigh in & to raise any queries. This persons name will need to be submitted with all other applications. Cost of Chaperone pass is 10. It is not acceptable for a child’s parent to present them at weigh in or raise any appeals. Chaperones should be dressed appropriately & are not permitted to film/take photographs at the edge of the ring.

Please note that spectators will not be allowed on the edge of the rings so please ensure that you have enough Chaperones to supervise children that are competing. Included with this invitation letter are guidelines for Chaperones please ensure these are read & understood.

For convenience you can print a paper based form to collect student details from your club. These should be uploaded and payment made at the earliest opportunity and no later than 22nd October 2014.

We Enclose:

Tournament itinerary

Competitor entry is now Web Based (www.tkd.co.uk)

Username and Password can be obtained from UK ITF HQ.

Tournament Schedule

Chaperone duties & responsibilities


Spectators = 5 In advance, 10.00 on the door

Competitors = 30 (this includes contribution to the umpire fund)

Late Competitor Entry = 35

Category Change on the day = 10 surcharge

Please make all cheques payable to “UK ITF”.

If there are any questions please contact UK ITF on 01895 459947


Venue:  K2, Pease Pottage Hill, Crawley, West Sussex, RH11 9BQ.


We hope that you and your students can support this event.


Yours in TaeKwon-Do





Master Trevor Nicholls

UK ITF President

Tournament itinerary




Students will perform choice patterns in relation to their grade. Finals will consist of choice and designated pattern. Degree grades will perform a choice & designated from the semi-finals.




Divisions are per ITF rules.

Full protective equipment must be worn. This includes:

Head guards (Optional for Juniors / Adults / Seniors)

Foot pads

Shin Pads

Gloves (Closed finger open palm)

Gum Shields

Groin Guards (Males Only)


Any student not wearing presenting with the correct safety equipment will be able to purchase equipment on the day.

Sparing rounds:

Kids Kickers = 1 minute rounds

2 minute final

Under 14’s = 1.30 minute rounds

2 x 1.30 minute final

All other divisions = 2 minute rounds

2 x 2 minute final

U14’s, U16’s, U18’s, Adult & Senior Degree grades will do 2 x rounds from the semi finals.




This event is for U16’s, U18’s, Adult and Senior Division Only.

All grades:

Standard ITF breaking with a side kick qualifier


-ITF Special Technique-


This event is for U14’s, U16’s, U18’s, Adult & Senior Division Only.

All grades:

Standard ITF special technique with a jumping front kick qualifier.

-UK ITF Kids Flying Technique-


This event is for Kids Kickers Division Only.

All grades:

Flying side kick technique landing on crash mats.


            Division                      Age Group                              Events

Kids Kickers                 7 11 Years of Age.                 Patterns / Sparring / Flying Technique

Under 14’s                    12 13 Years of Age.                Patterns / Sparring / Special Technique

Under 16’s                    14 15 Years of Age.                Patterns / Sparring / Power / Special Technique

Under 18’s                    16 17 Years of Age.                Patterns / Sparring / Power / Special Technique

Adult                            18 35 Years of Age.                Patterns / Sparring / Power / Special Technique

Senior                           36 Years or Older                      Patterns / Sparring / Power / Special Technique


It may be necessary to amalgamate divisions without sufficient entrants, this will be done on the day.

Degree competitors wishing to obtain ranking can enter in two divisions, i.e. Junior & Adult, but they will have to pay for two entries. They will be unable to swap divisions on the day. There will be no Generation X competitors at this competition.

-Tournament Schedule-


FRIDAY 24th October 2014.


         6.00-8.00pm.     Weigh in for Cadets, Juniors, Adults & Seniors. At hotel, TBA.


SATURDAY 25th October 2014.


8.00-9.30 am        Competitor weigh in & Height check. Club chaperones to present competitors weighing in.

8:30 am                 All officials & event staff for ring assignments.

9:30 am                 Tournament for the following sections commences

Kids Kickers           7 11 Years of Age.            Patterns / Sparring / Flying Technique

Under 16’s            14 15 Years of Age.          Patterns / Sparring / Power / Special Technique

Senior                    36 Years or Older                                Patterns / Sparring / Power / Special Technique


         After 12.00pm      Tournament for the following sections commences

Under 14’s            12 13 Years of Age.          Patterns / Sparring / Special Technique

Under 18’s            16 17 Years of Age.          Patterns / Sparring / Power / Special Technique          


Adult                      18 35 Years of Age.          Patterns / Sparring / Power / Special Technique



-Medal Presentation-


Medal will be presented on the individual rings after completion of each category or a podium if available.

Look out for the on site engraving, you can personalise your medal with any text you want. Another first on the UK tournament scene!


We intend to follow the schedule as close as possible, however this may be amended within reason to aid in the smooth running of the tournament.


-Official Photographs-


This year we will have photoREVERIE onsite, order and collect your professional quality photo’s on the day.

Child protection

The vast majority of people involved in sporting activities derive interest and pleasure from the photos captured by photoREVERIEand from the enjoyment shown by the participants. Events, by their nature, are in the public arena and when entering for an event the participant acknowledges this fact, and that at least professionally approved photographers may take photographs. photoREVERIE will take all reasonable precautions to protect participants against the possible inappropriate use of photographic images.


photoREVERIEhas a duty of care to safeguard all children from harm. photoREVERIEwill ensure the safety and protection of all children at events where photoREVERIEare in attendance through adherence to the Child Protection Policy adopted by photoREVERIE.


The photoREVERIE Code of Ethics of Conduct is adhered to by all our photographers and staff.

Start Time09:00
End Time20:00
ContactKerry Burridge
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