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5th Jan 2015 Grand Master Class and the 5th Inter-School ITF Taekwon-Do Invitation Tournament, Hong Kong
The Hong Kong Original Taekwon-Do Council successfully held the Grand Master Class and the 5th Inter-School ITF Taekwon-Do Invitation Tournament on 27 and 28 December 2014 respectively. We would like to thank you Grand Master Nicholls and Master Sng from Singapore for conducting the seminar, as well as members from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and China for their great support to the events.
[Written By:  Hong Kong Original Taekwon-Do Council]
2nd Jan 2015 National Taekwondo Championship-2014 INDIA (INO-377)
National Taekwondo Championship-2014 INDIA (INO-377)
[Written By:  Radha krishnan P.R]
1st Jan 2015 29th National Taekwon-do Championship - India
The 29th National Taekwon-do Championship was held on 26th to 28th December, 2014
[Written By:  Taekwon-do Association of India INO # 412]
11th Dec 2014 International Seminar in Brazil
On december 6, 2014, many ITF Taekwon-do practitioners from Kwan Traditional Taekwon-do Association of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, gathered for the International Seminar with Master Parm Rai, VIII Dan, Special Assistant to Presidente Choi Jung Hwa, IX dan, and Technical Director of ITF.
[Written By:  Kwan Taekwon-do Tradicional]
1st Dec 2014 Participation of Chile in Buenos Aires Argentina CII.
Buenos Aires International Seminar Instructor (IIC) issued by the GM Choi Jung Hwa and Referees course dictated by the GM Galarraga
[Written By:  Rene William Berrueta Ortiz]
On Sunday,23 of november 2014, The Asociacion Nacional de Taekwon-do ITF del Peru (INO 255) has conducted its XIV National Tournament in the city of Miraflores - Lima (capital of Peru)
[Written By:  Juan Travi]
28th Nov 2014 IIC. Buenos Aires Argentina, November 14-15-16 2014
More pictures from this successful event
[Written By:  Master Maidana]
28th Nov 2014 IIC. Buenos Aires Argentina, November 14-15-16 2014
GM Choi Jung Hwa acclaimed in Argentina, with the talent and renewed energy.
[Written By:  Master Maidana]
12th Nov 2014 Master Nicholls Seminar in Ireland
On Sunday 2nd of November Grand Master Trevor Nicholls IX Degree conducted two seminars in Cork, Ireland for the various organisations under the ITF banner. He was assisted by Master Norman Creedon VIII Degree who is based in Ireland. The seminars were held in the University College Cork indoor sports arena, which regularly hosts many international sporting events.
[Written By:  Taekwon-Do Federation of Ireland]
8th Nov 2014 2014 President Choi's Cup
Further pictures of this event
[Written By:  Master Parm Rai]
8th Nov 2014 2014 President Choi's Cup
A report by Master Parm Rai
[Written By:  Master Parm Rai]
7th Nov 2014 A.G.A Efkleas Lefkadas - Seminar and Championships 2014
The A.G.A Efkleas Lefkadas to announce that on 26.10.2014 the gymnasium Lefkada performed with complete success seminar Taekwon-Do and championship.
[Written By:  A.G.A Efkleas Lefkadas ]
7th Nov 2014 ITF - ireann International Umpire Course 2014
Master Robert N. Wheatley (VIII), President of ITF ireann, was very proud to have ITF ireann host an International Umpires Course on the 14th June 2014. The venue for this seminar was Mr. O Briens dojang in Cashel, Co. Tipperary.
[Written By:  ITF Administration]
27th Oct 2014 ITF Poland representatives visit London
Master Jan Nycek and his students train with Trevor Nicholls
[Written By:  ITF Administration]
21st Oct 2014 M Mario Luis Spadoni 6th Degree
M Mario Luis Spadoni 6th Degree
[Written By:  Ivano Diodati]
21st Oct 2014 Mr Mario Spadoni
Mr Mario Spadoni
[Written By:  Ivano Diodati]
19th Oct 2014 IIC Riva del Garda with GM Trevor Nichols and Master Antonio Troiano
IIC Riva del Garda with GM Trevor Nichols and Master Antonio Troiano
[Written By:  Ivano Diodati]
17th Oct 2014 ITF Taekwondo Military College Bolivia celebrates Kup Promotions
General Brig.. Luis Orlando Ariez Bazzan Commander of the Military College supports this education and Graduation of Future Officer Cadets.
[Written By:  ITF Taekwondo Association of Schools Bolivia]
9th Oct 2014 UK ITF 4th Degree and Above Training Day and IIC
After such an overwhelming positive response from the previous training day we were all eager to see what Grand Master Nicholls had in store for us.
[Written By:  Trenic TKD]
Report on the III Cup Yomchi in held in Peru on 21st September 2014
[Written By:  Juan Ramos Travi ]

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