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5th Dec 2005 Taekwon-Do (ITF) Nepal Held 1st ITF Training Camp
1st ITF Training Camp Nepal 2005 and Black Belt grading has successfully been Held by Taekwondo (ITF) Nepal from 29th November-2nd December 2005 in Chetana Kendra, Kavre Nepal
[Written By:  Taekwon-Do (ITF) Nepal]
5th Dec 2005 US ITF Armed Forces Director Trains War Fighters Rifle Fighting
Staff Sergeant Stephen Hicks and Staff Sergeant Brian Patterson, members of the 81 Security Forces Squadron Training Section conduct numerous Pre-deployment training courses for members of the Air Force who have been slotted to deploy to locations such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.
[Written By:  Mr. Michael L. Munyan]
1st Dec 2005 Ottawa ITF schools host Mr. Mike Morningstar
A black belt test in Taekwon-Do is a special rite of passage. Such an event took place at Blackburn Taekwon-Do on November 26th. Mr. Mike Morningstar, VI Dan, from Morningstar Taekwon-Do in Oakville, drove down to Ottawa not only to administer the test but also to give two training sessions,
[Written By:  Claude Laferriere]
30th Nov 2005 Master Jose Maidana Comes To London.
Master Jose Maidana (the National Coach for Argentina since 1993) travelled to London, England at the start of November to the club of Mr. Patrick McCarthy, VI, to conduct a sparring workshop.
[Written By:  Shane Fitzgibbon]
29th Nov 2005 Cabot Taekwon-Do (New Foundland) Hosts Mr. Mike Morningstar
In September 2002, Cabot Taekwon-Do opened its doors in Newfoundland with 7 students. That November marked the first visit from Mr. Mike Morningstar for a testing and seminar.
[Written By:  Allison Murphy]
25th Nov 2005 IUTF Host Master Maidana
The Irish United Taekwon-do Federation (ITF Ireland) had the honour of hosting Master Jose Maidana for a series of work shops throughout Ireland at the end of October.
[Written By:  Shane Fitzgibbon]
16th Nov 2005 ITF Hosts Informal Meetings in Argentina
Following the magnificent finale of the ITF Pan-American Championships last October, several informal meetings were held with International Delegates, chaired by ITF President Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa.
[Written By:]
15th Nov 2005 The 2005 TTA ITF Western Canadian Championships
On the Weekend of November 11,12 & 13, clubs from all over British Columbia, and Alberta, Canada came together to compete at the 2005 TTA ITF Western Canadian Championships held in Prince George, BC.
[Written By:  Chris Howes]
14th Nov 2005 UTA Self Defence Seminar
On Saturday the 12th of November 61 members of the Unified Taekwon-do Association (UTA) gathered at a sports hall in Stevenage Hertfordshire, England to learn more about the aspect of street awareness and self-defence.
[Written By:  Glenn Horan]
11th Nov 2005 Increasing Unity between Singapore and Japan
Mr. Park Jong Sa (IV dan) of ITF-Japan visited Island Taekwon-Do Centre in Singapore on 1 and 2 November to attend the senior Black Belt Grading there and to conduct a class to share training techniques and ideas with Singapores Mr. Daniel Sng C. H. (VI dan)
[Written By:  Jules Takagishi]
5th Nov 2005 TKD Power Self Defence Workshop with Master James Hogan
The Panteli Taekwon-Do Academy welcomed Master James Hogan to the Hawkinge TKD Power Centre last night (04/11/2005). Master Hogan presented a self defence workshop
[Written By:]
4th Nov 2005 Morningstar Taekwon-Do attends Goodwill Championships in Connecticut
On Friday October 14th and 7:00am, 22 competitors and 24 supporters from Morningstar Taekwon-Do in Oakville, Canada boarded their 46 seat Greyhound bus for the 8hr drive to New Haven Connecticut. They were on their way to participate in this years Goodwill Championships.
[Written By:  Scott Seguin]
3rd Nov 2005 USITF Address at VIIth Campeonato Panamericano 2005
First, I would like to say that my wife, Lourdes, and I are very happy to have been invited here, to your enchanting city, in your unparalleled country, full of beauty, as well as history. And through Taekwon-Do, of friendship.
[Written By:  Mr. Terence Geoghegan]
1st Nov 2005 Albuquerque, New Mexico host's 8th Annual Workshop with Mr. Mike Morningstar
International Taekwon-Do New Mexico held its 8th annual Kicking and Sparring Techniques workshop on October 7 th and 8th 2005.
[Written By:  Beca Montano]
29th Oct 2005 ITF Africa - Much to Celebrate
The work of Messrs Don Dalton, George Ashiru and Master Bhup Sahota in developing the ITF in Africa in the last 30 months is yielding positive results.
[Written By:  George H. Ashiru]
25th Oct 2005 Western Canada Hosts Mr. Mike Morningstar for Pattern Workshop
On the weekend of October 21 - 23, 2005 Mr. Mike Morningstar VIth Dan (former ITF World Patterns Champion) travelled to Calgary, Alberta to perform a 3 Day Pattern Workshop and High Dan Grading.
[Written By:  Mr. Chris Howes]
20th Oct 2005 President reports from Buenos Aires
As you all know, the 7th ITF Pan-American Championship was held in Buenos Aires Argentina on the 7th, 8th and 9th of October, 2005. The Championship, once again, thanks to the hard work and dedication of Master Galarraga and his team, was a tremendous success.
[Written By:  Office of the President]
18th Oct 2005 Morningstar Taekwon-Do Raises $15,000 for Charity
On September 24th, 2005, Mr. Mike Morningstar (ITF VI Dan) and chief instructor of Morningstar Taekwon-Do once again put the human body to the test of endurance and perseverance, holding his sixth break-a-thon since the schools inception in 1988.
[Written By:  Doreen Tan]
9th Oct 2005 ITF Panamerican Championship
The ITF Panamerican Championships commenced on Friday. Over 700 competitors registered to participate including participants from South Africa, UK, Ireland and Italy, as well as representation from nearly all of the Americas, including for the first time in eleven years, a team from Cuba.
[Written By:]
8th Oct 2005 Air Force Cops Get A Kick in New Training
On 19 July 2005, TaeKwon-Do black belt instructors taught members of the 81st Security Forces Squadron located at Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi defensive tactics and officer safety techniques.
[Written By:  Mr. M. Munyon]

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