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1st Oct 2010 Visit to Korea - Dream, privilege and duty
We have returned from Korea exhausted and tired from a long jurney (around 12.000km), but alive and well, and with wonderful impressions and memories for a lifetime.
[Written By:  Dominik Maduna] Comments: 6
15th Sep 2010 World Championship Results
Official Results from the 2010 ITF World Championships in South Korea
[Written By:  ITF Administration] Comments: 5
10th Sep 2010 1st San Pietro Trophy
Taekwo-Do: show and excitement under the stars in Settimo San Pietro (ITALY)
[Written By:  Taekwon-Do Sardegna]
10th Sep 2010 Czech Taekwon-Do ITF Association in Korea
On Sunday, 27-th of June 2010, group of twelve Czech Taekwon-Do ITF Association members went by air from Prague to Amsterdam and continued to Seoul.
[Written By:  Czech Taekwon-Do]
6th Sep 2010 Police seminar
Here are some of the pictures for two weeks Police seminar at the police hard quarters in Accra.
[Written By:  Mr. Mohammed Mahadi]
19th Jul 2010 Acknoledgment to the ITF Tournament Organisation
Thanks to the medics at the Wolrd Championships
[Written By:  Anastasia Alexandridou] Comments: 7
19th Jul 2010 III. Znojmo open 2010
We have pleasure to inform you that III. Znojmo open 2010 in traditional Taekwon-Do I.T.F was held in Znojmo, Czech Republic for the third time.
[Written By:  Frantiek Macek] Comments: 1
[Written By:  Mariano Zerda] Comments: 2
14th Jun 2010 1 st Master Class Seminar in Peru - Master Rai
We are very grateful with Master Rai for his great support to the diffusion of the Taekwon-do in Peru.
[Written By:  ANT ITF PERU] Comments: 1
24th May 2010 Imperial Ireland Hosts Master Nicholls VIII Degree
Saturday May 15th was the first important date in the history of Imperial Ireland Taekwon Do Association, when its President and Secretary General of the I.T.F, Master Trevor Nicholls VIII degree, made his first trip to the south east of Ireland to conduct a master class.
[Written By:  ] Comments: 2
20th May 2010 Sardinia Championship 2010 & 4th Accademia Cup
It was a big party where friendship and sportsmanship were the true protagonist of the day.
[Written By:  Taekwon-Do Sardegna ]
13th May 2010 1 st Master Class Seminar in Croatia
The seminar was held in Umag, Croatia.
Eighty-five participants from Austria, Afghanistan, Algeria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Canada, Korea, Malaysia, India, USA, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Espana, Slovenia,Holland, Macedonia, Italy were present.
[Written By:  Tomislav Đaković IV] Comments: 1
27th Apr 2010 Italian Open Championships 25th April 2010
The Italian Open Championships 2010 (Coppa Italia 2010) organized by Mr Fabio Caiazzo in Terracina, Italy, was a great success. It welcomed competitors and instructors from all parts of Italy and the audience enjoyed watching high-level Taekwon-do techniques in both pattern and sparring disciplines.
[Written By:  ] Comments: 2
23rd Apr 2010 55th Taekwon-Do birthday celebration
Special guest of honour at this prestigious event was Grandmaster Choi Jung Hwa, President of ITF. Pres. Choi
[Written By:  Master Parm Rai] Comments: 2
15th Apr 2010 Another Master conducts ITF Seminar Down Under
Master Parm Rai, VII DAN, ITF Special Assistant to President Choi Jung Hwa and Chairman of Membership Comittee came Down Under to conduct a two day seminar on behalf of Authentic Taekwon-Do.
[Written By:  Master Moore] Comments: 1
15th Apr 2010 International Irish Championships and Celtic Team Cup
This years International Irish Championships was hosted by the Irish United Taekwon-Do Federation in Neptune Stadium, Cork. The event had more than 200 black belts alone...
[Written By:  By Shane Fitzgibbon]
12th Apr 2010 Intercontinental Cup & Russian Open 2010
[Written By:  Christian Oriolani]
9th Apr 2010 Taekwon-Do South Africa Invitational 2010
A report on the Taekwon-Do South Africa annual invitational tournament
[Written By:  Norman Magua]
9th Apr 2010 First Hong Kong Inter-School ITF Invitational Tournament 2010.
Sunday April 4th 2010, The Hong Kong Original TKD Council organized the first ever ITF Tournament for all ITF students in Hong Kong.
[Written By:  The Hong Kong Original Council] Comments: 2
25th Mar 2010 England ITF in Zaragoza 2010
On March the 19th Matthew Brunger IV, Reece Nicholls II, Jamie McAvoy II and Luke Dempsey II set off to represent England and the Imperial TaeKwon-Do Association in the Aragon open Championships in Zaragoza hosted by Christian Oriolani V.
[Written By:  Imperial TKD]

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