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1st Nov 2011 Malaysia Master Class 2011 by Master Trevor Nicholls VIII Dan.
On 14th Oct 2011, The ITF-Secretary General Master Trevor Nicholls arrived at KLIA, accompanied by Master David Lau from Hong Kong and Hong Kong TKD Team. They were greeted by event host MO #427 Zest Mr.Andy Low, Mr.Ivan Liew and Ms.Angel Low included Master Bathi (INO #359), Mr.Chin from JB (MO #349) and Ms.Sharon from Penang (MO #442) as well as other members of ITF-Malaysia.
[Written By:  Andy low from MO#427] Comments: 2
On 10/5/11 Master PARM RAI, VII DAN, Personal Assistant to the Grand Master Choi Jung HWA, President of the International Taekwon-Do Federation, arrived in our country
[Written By:  Adrian Velasquez] Comments: 1
Scientific Principles of Taekwon-Do Movements by Master George H. Ashiru
[Written By:  George H. Ashiru] Comments: 2
12th Oct 2011 International Instructors Course
Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa, president of the International Taekwon-do Federation, visited Ireland recently to instruct an International Instructors Course.
[Written By:] Comments: 3
30th Sep 2011 2nd Cup Yomchi
It is with great pleasure that we announce that Asociacion Nacional de Taekwon-do ITF del Peru INO 255 has conducted its second Cup Yomchi in the San Martin de Porres University (Chiclayo North of Peru) on the 18th September 2011.
[Written By:  Juan Ramos Travi ]
29th Sep 2011 International Instructors Course Sept 16-18 2011
International Instructors Course
[Written By:  Demers ITF Taekwon-Do] Comments: 2
12th Sep 2011 Taekwon-Do An Action Philosophy
Statistics show that even in these times of recession and austerity over thirty million people including more than two million black belts currently practise Taekwon-do worldwide. What's even more interesting is that all of these people practise for different reasons.
[Written By:  Master Norman Creedon] Comments: 5
22nd Aug 2011 ATA Herat Team Celebrated the Vicotory of the Association
On the 30th of June 2011, Ehsan Safi Taekwon-Do Association, ATA branch in Herat Province, celebrated the victory of ATA in obtaining the 2nd position and winning the title of The Best Disciplined Team in the National Championships held back from 27th through 29th May 2011 in Kabul.
[Written By:  Sarajuddin Safi, ATA General Secretary]
18th Aug 2011 The Black Belt in Engineering
The following article was published in STRUCTURE magazine, February 2011. I wrote it to suggest that our vocations, careers and various trades make up our identities, and martial arts may be a very significant part of that identity as well. The article encourages us to add the character we take from Taekwon-Do and add it to every other thing we do in our lives. In my case, the other vocation is primarily Engineering, but my identity is also many other things.
[Written By:  David Hillery] Comments: 1
3rd Aug 2011 First ever Indonesia Master Class by Master Trevor Nicholls VIII Dan.
On 30th July 2011, The ITF-Secretary General Master Trevor Nicholls arrived in Jakarta,Indonesia for the first time,accompanied by Master David Lau from Hong Kong and Master AVS,Bathi from Malaysia. They were greeted by ITF-Indonesia Mr.Eykman and Mr.Ivan Wei as well as other members of ITF-Indonesia.
[Written By:  ITF-Indonesia MO#441] Comments: 4
ITF NIGERIA delegation's comprehensive diary of the Tuls Tour
[Written By:  Master George Ashiru] Comments: 2
21st Jul 2011 2nd Master Class Seminar in Peru - Master Rai
Master Rai landed in Lima - Peru after a long flight accompanied by Mr Gustavo Noriega his assist as translator for the event.
[Written By:  ANT ITF PERU] Comments: 2
18th Jul 2011 Taekwon-Do Deutschland at the Tul Tour 2011
Two Members of Taekwon-Do Deutschland took part at this awesome event
[Written By:  Oliver Drexler] Comments: 1
18th Jul 2011 Tul Tour of Korea
The program aimed to explore the roots of patterns (TULs) in the heartland of Taekwon-Do created by General Choi Hong Hi and was a blend of travelling around Korea, practical training of patterns/Tuls and a cultural experience which allowed the participants to develop a better understanding of Korean history
[Written By:  Dr Zibby Kruk] Comments: 3
12th Jul 2011 Two Day Master Class in Germany with Master Nicholls
The first Master Class in Germany since five years was a great success.
[Written By:  Public Relations] Comments: 2
6th Jul 2011 Special Respectful Reception to the Five Black Belt 1st Dan Holders ofITF Bangladesh
The ITF 1st Dan Black Belt Certificate has Successful today 5th July 2011. There were present Honorable Chief Guest the City Mayor Mr. Badaruddin Ahmed Kamran, President of Taekwon-Do (ITF) Bangladesh Mr.Muktar Hussain, President of Jago Sylhet Andolon Committee Mr. Alauddin Alo.
[Written By:  Md.Muktar Hussain]
27th Jun 2011 Japan's recovery
Master Lee Jong Mok, and his instructors efforts at ground Zero
[Written By:  Master Lee Jong Mok]
21st Jun 2011 International Instructor Course in Alaska, USA
Taekwon-do is not to harm, it is to make us healthy, said President Choi Jung Hwa at the International Instructor Course held in Fairbanks, Alaska from June 10 to June 12, 2011.
[Written By:  Matt Lepley] Comments: 1
17th Jun 2011 4-th. Znojmo Open 2011 Taekwon-Do I.T.F.
In royal town Znojmo, after one year again, on Saturday 11-th. of June 2011, there has been held already fourth competition in traditional Korean martial art Taekwon-Do, organized by Czech ITF Association.
[Written By:  Frantiek Macek]
16th Jun 2011 Bangladesh Inter District Taekwon-Do Championship-2011
Taekwon-Do (ITF) Bangladesh has Concluded ITF Bangladesh Inter District Taekwon-Do Championship on 10th June 2011 at the indoor auditorium of Sylhet Law Collage, Bangladesh. In the Occasion of opening Ceremony The President was Mr. Muktar Hussain (III Dan black Belt ITF) as a president of ITF Bangladesh.
[Written By:  Md. Muktar hussain]

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