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26th Nov 2013 UKITF Host the first 4th Degree and above training under the instruction of Master Nicholls
On the 02nd 03rd of November the UKITF held its first 4TH degree and above training session.
[Written By:  Matthew Brunger - UK ITF ]
20th Nov 2013 Taekwon-do Twins from Elite TaeKwon-Do Academy, Penang
Being born in the family as twins, they play together, learn together and grow up together. They share the same characteristics and developed the same interest ITF Taekwon-do
[Written By:  Sharon Chan]
15th Nov 2013 Congratulations from the Hong Kong Original Taekwon-Do Council
It is an occasion that deserves celebration:-
[Written By:  Hong Kong Original Taekwon-Do Council ]
12th Nov 2013 World Cup 2013 Chile
Great Event - Great Spirit - Great Spotsmanship
[Written By:  ITF Administration]
10th Nov 2013 Chile at the World Cup, Buenos Aires 2013
Chile's participation in the first day of competition I opening of the World Cup 2013 ITF Taekwon-Do.
[Written By:  ITF Administration]
28th Oct 2013 12e OPEN HAAGLANDEN 2013
Report on the 12th Open Haaglanden tournament held on 19th October 2013
[Written By:  ITF Administration]
17th Oct 2013 Kiros Gebremeskel of Ethiopia promotes to 7th Degree
The ITF is pleased to confirm the promotion to 7th Degree of Kiros Gebremeskel
[Written By:  ITF Administration]
12th Oct 2013 Afghan Taekwon-Do Association is Growing
A New School of Taekwon-Do, Khawar Taekwon-Do Association, Joined Afghan Taekwon-Do Association
[Written By:  Sarajuddin Safi, ATA Secretary General]
2nd Oct 2013 Senior Seminar in Germany
Senior Seminar conducted by Master Nicholls and Master Rai in Germany
[Written By:  Anastasia Alexandridou]
8th Sep 2013 Happy Birthday Master Lau
1 September 2013 was a special and unforgettable day in which members of the Hong Kong Original Taekwon-Do Council were receiving their regular monthly training while celebrating the birthday of our dearest Master David Lau.
[Written By:  ITF Administration]
19th Aug 2013 Interview with Grand Master Choi
Malaysian Newspaper reporter interviews Grand Master Choi about his journey with Taekwon-do
[Written By:  MTAC]
7th Aug 2013 ITF European Championships
Team Results
[Written By:  ITF Administration]
3rd Aug 2013 3 Players honored by Member Secretary of Nepal Sports council
2nd ITF Asian Taekwondo Championship held on 5-7 July 2013 in Kula Lumpur Malaysia
[Written By:  ITF Administration]
1st Aug 2013 ITF European Championship Individual Results
Full Results
[Written By:  ITF Administration]
22nd Jul 2013 ITF European Championships
Video, showing set up of the arena
[Written By:  ITF Administration]
The II Self Defence Seminar and testing for students was held on 7 July 2013 in the San Martin de Porres University in the city of Chiclayo in the north of Peru.
[Written By:  ITF Administration]
21st Jul 2013 Great Success of Hong Kong Team in the 2nd ITF Asia Taekwon-Do Championships
The Hong Kong Team consisted of 79 participants attended the 2nd ITF Asia Taekwon-Do Championships in Kuala Lumpur, which was attended by teams from 12 regions and countries, and gained great success.
[Written By:  Hong Kong Original Taekwon-Do Council ]
18th Jul 2013 Message of appreciation
On behave of the Dutch team .........
[Written By:  Master Steve Zondag]
17th Jul 2013 Ethics Article Chair John Tompkins
June 29, 2013 Article prepared from my Eulogy for General Choi, Hong, Hi On April 17, 2002
[Written By:  John Tompkins] Comments: 1
25th Jun 2013 National Federation of Taekwon-Do, Chile - Seminar and Competition 25/26 May 2013
News of a Master Class given by Master Nestor Galarraga and competition
[Written By:  ITF Administration] Comments: 1

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