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24th Jul 2012 The Hong Kong Original TKD Council yearly TKD competition
A total of 237 competitors, over 50 certified Umpires and helpers participated the event.
[Written By:  Hong Kong TKD Council ]
9th Jul 2012 International Championship in Southern Chile.
Please note that on 26 and 27 May 2012, there were the5 version International Championship of ITF Taekwon-Do, in southern Chile.
[Written By:  Francisco Fernndez]
8th Jul 2012 First Seminar and Grading in Badakhshan Province of Afghanistan
Mr. Najmuddin Safi, President of Afghan Taekwon-Do Association (ATA) and Official Representative of ITF for Afghanistan, conducted a seminar and grading in Badakhshan province of Afghanistan on the 29th of June 2012.
[Written By:  Sarajuddin Safi, ATA Secretary General]
6th Jul 2012 3rd Master Class Seminar in Peru - Conducted by Master Rai
On 28/6/12 at 09:30pm at the International Airport of Lima, Master PARM RAI, VII DAN, Personal Assistant to the Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa, President of the International Taekwon-Do Federation, arrived in our country and was received by the Sabumnim Juan Ramos Travi, President of the National Peruvian Association of Taekwon-do INO 255 Peru and Mr Rodolfo Morante Wan (international affairs),to take him to his hotel.
[Written By:  ANT-ITF-PERU] Comments: 1
3rd Jul 2012 3rd Companionships held in Herat province of Afghanistan
Afghan Taekwon-Do Association (Ehsan Safi Taekwon-Do Association) conducted a championship in Herat province of Afghanistan.
[Written By:  Sarajuddin Safi, ATA General Secretary]
21st Jun 2012 Grand Master Choi Malaysia Tour
Malaysia: Over 500 people witnessed Grand Master Chois charm during Malaysia Tour on 28th May - 4th June 2012. This started the journey from Penang, which is the northest city in Malaysia, all the way down to south Malaysia, Kluang.
[Written By:  Amber Lee (II Degree from MTAC)]
11th Jun 2012 Armenian Open Championships
Over 200 participants took part in that event. International teams from Iran, USA and Georgia also participated with great success.
[Written By:  Karen Aghajanyan]
5th Jun 2012 Sardinia Regional Championship 2012
Pattern, Sparring and special techniques competition
[Written By:  SILVIA FARIGU]
1st Jun 2012 Sardinia Regional Championship 2012
Pattern, Sparring and Special Techniques in the middle of Sardinia
[Written By:  Tarcisio Martella]
28th May 2012 Open ITF Aragon Championships (VI Edition)
As every years, ITF Aragon Championships was organized by Mr. Oriolani in Saragozza (Spain). The 6th edition of the championships counted the partecipations of many countries and international competitors. Russia, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Argentina and Scotland attended this edition. From Spain were presents schools from Valencia, Galicia, Euskadi, Castilla y Leon, Extremadura, Barcelona, Canarias and Aragon.
[Written By:  Traditional TaeKwon-Do Line Secretary]
23rd May 2012 Black-Belt Grading took place in Kabul
Mr. Najmuddin Safi, President of Afghan Taekwon-Do Association, and ITF Official Representative for Afghanistan conducted Black-Belt grading in Kabul.
[Written By:  Sarajuddin Safi, ATA Secretary General]
20th Apr 2012 2nd European Open Taekwon Do Championship
The 2nd European Open Taekwon Do Championship achieved on 08 of April 2012 at our beautiful town Preveza with great success. They participated over 200 Athletes and we had quality taekwon do and many beautiful events.
13th Apr 2012 Junior Pakistan ITF Championships
We are glad to inform you that the all Itf Taekwon-do schools Junior Pakistan ITF Championships was held on from 29th to 31st March 2012 concluded successfully. in the HQ of Pakistan ITF in Total 270 Junior Competitors participated to the Championships.
[Written By:  ITF Administration]
11th Apr 2012 Seminar GM Choi Jung Hwa, a great success
With nearly 130 participants from 11 different countries, the training facility at the Dorint hotel at Schiphol was filled with a good atmosphere. After months of preparation by the organizing INO's namely the ITF Royal Dutch, the UK ITF and Taekwon-Do Deutschland they proudly received GM Choi.
[Written By:  Ella Zondag and Paul van Beersum] Comments: 1
3rd Apr 2012 Taiwan News
The first ever junior Taekwon-Do tournament was held on the eighteenth of March on a morning holding much promise for the day ahead. Once all of the competitors had arrived and changed into their doboks, everyone formed up to hear words of welcome and encouragement from the guest speakers and the president of ITF in Taiwan, Horacio Daniel Obon.
[Written By:  Russell Stuart] Comments: 1
3rd Apr 2012 Taekwon-Do South Africa Elite Invitational Tournament 2012
The 9th edition of this tournament went very well.
[Written By:  TSA Reporter]
[Written By:  Andy C.Y. Low]
14th Mar 2012 International Mediterranean Open 2012
Great success to the 5 edition of the Mediterranean Open in Cagliari.
[Written By:  Tarcisio Martella]
5th Mar 2012 ITF SLOVAK OPEN 2012
On 12 February 2012 was held the ITF SLOVAK OPEN 2012 in Slovakia, Bratislava . The competition featured over 230 students from 15 different clubs from Slovakia, Austria, Czech republic, Kosovo and Afghanistan.
[Written By:  Mr. Brian Lurie] Comments: 1
29th Feb 2012 "Pacific Cup"
It is with great pleasure that we announce that Asociacion Nacional de Taekwon-do ITF del Peru has conducted its first international tournament
[Written By:  Juan Ramos Travi]

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