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1st China International Instructors Course, 2008
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(Article from China and Hong Kong)
1st China International Instructors Course, 2008


The 1st China International Instructors Course, jointly hosted by ITF Greater China (INO335), ITF Hong Kong (INO140) and ITF Malaysia (INO068), was held in Zhuhai, China from 21st March, 2008 to 23rd March, 2008.


The course was conducted by ITF President, Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa, with the assistance of Scientific Research Committee Chairman, Dr Zbigniew A. Kruk, ITF General Secretary, Master Trevor Nicholls, Master Jim Hogan and Master Kwan from Hong Kong.


On 21st March, 2008 the course opened in the warm applause of more than 70 students from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Greater China.   After a brief photo shoot, Dr. Kruk led the group through an intensive warm up.  Afterwards Grand Master Choi took command and went through each pattern in detail.  He emphasized many points to ensure everyone understood the reason for each movement.  In particular, he stressed the importance of use of sine wave and the correct application of body mass and speed to achieve greater power.  Although completely exhausted, everyone was so absorbed by his teaching and they gradually saw improvements in their technique as the course proceeded.


A banquet was held on 22nd March, 2008 to welcome Grand Master Choi and to celebrate ITF''s 42nd Anniversary. INO representative of Greater China, Mr. Xu Jing Nan, INO representative of HK, Mr. Nelsun Cheah and INO representative of Malaysia, Mr. Gary Lee presented a souvenir to Grand Master Choi to thank for his coming.  Master Trevor Nicholls gave a speech to all students.   The atmosphere was electric all evening.


The 3-day course passed in a flash, finishing with Grand Master Choi gathering all students around to share his sincere words with them.  He encouraged everyone to practise Taekwon-Do with untiring perseverance and to strive to live the "Do" of Taekwon.  At last, there was an autograph signing session.  Participants were so excited when they finally got the chance to get autographs from Grand Master Choi, Dr. Kruk, Master Trevor Nicholls and Master Jim Hogan.


Congratulations to INO representative of Greater China, Mr. Xu Jing Nan, who has taken a grading test where he has successfully promoted to 5th Degree!


After leaving Zhuhai, Grand Master Choi visited Macau in the company of Mr. Nelsun Cheah and Mr. Gary Lee.  When he returned to HK, in spite of his tight schedule, he convened a meeting with group leaders of HK on 26th March, 2008 to discuss future ITF''s development.  At night, group leaders and students bade farewells to Grand Master Choi at the HK International Airport.   They all look forward to seeing him very soon in his next seminar.


Written by: Organising Committee - 23rd April 2008
[Comments: 1]

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Article Feedback:

Bob Borja (Taekwon-do Central) : 23rd April 2008, 13:08

Short, informative and colorful. Good to see INOs working together. The nice photos are much appreciated.
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