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Saturday February 2nd  Master Jue, seventh degree, of  Jues Taekwon Do in Pleasanton, California hosted a seminar and black belt examination with Master Wheatley, eighth degree black belt, President of the USITF. 
During the black belt examination six people promoted to first degree, one to second degree, and one to third degree black belt.  After the examination Master Wheatley conducted a seminar to a packed Dojang of over sixty students.  In the seminar Master Wheatley emphasized the importance of the Do in TaeKwon-Do; that the art is not just Tae kwon - kicking and punching- but the way of TaeKwon-Do, it is an art.  Master Wheatley worked on proper sine wave in pattern movements and the proper way to build power in Taekwon-Do.  He stressed the need to execute the patterns with such power that the student is nearly exhausted upon completion of the pattern.  The beauty in Taekwon-do is in its power, that it is not all neat and tidy but dynamic and powerful.  What made the seminar so interesting was how Master Wheatley himself demonstrated the power of Taekwon-Do techniques, that if executed correctly they can be devastating to an opponent.  He then worked with students helping them to develop power in their techniques.
Master Wheatleys excitement and energy made this a memorable seminar for the students and instructors.

Written by: Carol J. Van Zile - 20th February 2008

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