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IUTF Dublin Host Mr. Dalton
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IUTF Dublin Host Mr. Dalton

December 9th saw the eagerly awaited work shop with ITF Ireland President Mr Don Dalton.
50 students from Pilsung Taekwon-Do Academies filled the Parnell Room of the Royal Dublin Hotel and waited patiently for the arrival of Mr Dalton. The event was also supported by our good friends in the GTI under Mr Fran Plunkett. With the arrival of Mr Dalton the seminar was started and after a warm Dublin welcome the warm up began.

The seminar focused on sparring techniques and drills. Mr Dalton brought the students through a series of very enjoyable drills which included lead leg side kicks to back kicks, axe kicks and the transition to half facing position for punching, jumping punch drills, deceptive kicking drills, defensive guard work and much more including classical Argentinean style pad work introduced to the IUTF by Master Maidana. Mr Dalton as usual lead the seminar with fine examples of each drill, his precision, speed and eloquence in technique clearly highlighted why he is one of the most respected and sought after instructors in the ITF today.

The seminar was scheduled for 2.5 hours and to the shock of everyone present the time had whizzed by unbelievably fast, a clear example of the result on time when fun is to the fore!
Mr Dalton finished the seminar with some conditioning drills, working on the particular muscles needed to be fast and powerful kicker. The seminar turned into a mini squad session with an IUTF atmosphere filling the room, yells of encouragement and enthusiasm became the order of the day!


A number of special presentations were made after the training. With the IUTF expansion in Dublin this year the student awards now spanned from Cabra to Finglas and Castleknock. Awards this year were presented to a number of students who have trained exceptionally hard and who have improved in different areas of Taekwon-Do training. The student of the year awards were presented to those that have excelled in their training, and who have represented IUTF Dublin at various tournaments successfully and most importantly those who have a good attitude towards training. The following individuals are those that relish the chance to train and who constantly work on self improvement.
Congratulations to;

  • Pierce O''''Brien - Cabra juniors
  • Lauren Russell - Finglas juniors
  • Neidin Coulahan - Cabra seniors

The final presentation was a presentation of appreciation and thanks. IUTF Dublin instructor Jon Mackey presented Mr Dalton with a crystal bowl, finishing the speeches Mr Mackey informed the students how Mr Dalton continuously works towards the betterment of ITF in Ireland and the expansion of the ITF through his chairmanship of the Expansion Committee. More importantly for Mr Mackey however was the guidance and tuition that Mr Dalton has provided since joining the IUTF in 2004. Mr Mackey thanked Mr Dalton for his continued support, citing that Mr Dalton is always at the end of the phone to answer any questions and offer advice, Mackey finished by saying that Mr Dalton was more than just an instructor, but more a mentor and friend. Mr Dalton accepted the crystal and thanked everyone for attending; he also paid special tribute to Mr Plunkett of the GTI who the IUTF have a new and special relationship with. The seminar attendees then applauded Mr Dalton for a really enjoyable days training

Written by: Jon Mackey - 15th February 2008
[Comments: 1]

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Article Feedback:

Michael Munyon (United States ITF) : 16th February 2008, 09:43

Sounds like the awesome TKD spirit that we all share. Good article Mr. Mackey.


Michael Munyon
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