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On behalf of the organising committee I would like to thank all competitors, coaches and masters who helped make this event such a success. I would also like to thank the ITF Executive for appointing us official sponsors. In the interim we have uploaded this video for your convenience.
Individual bouts will be uploaded shortly.
Mark Skyrme
Organising Committee

Written by: Organising Committee - 11th February 2008
[Comments: 3]

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Article Feedback:

Hoffman Sean : 25th March 2008, 17:22

Also my first world championships as well, awesome tournament hope to be there montreal in 2010.
Parmjit Singh Rai (Pro Martial Arts & Fitness Centre Inc. MO) : 17th February 2008, 00:38

This was an excellent run World Championships. Alot of hard work went into the sucess of this championships. There werealot of superior techniques performed. Great sparring. Can't wait until the DVD for this championship is released.
Master Parm Rai
Joel Ashley Wilson (England ITF) : 14th February 2008, 22:08

my first world championships, a brilliant introduction to a professional tournament.
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