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Mr. Dalton Conducts Workshop for TAA in Buenos Aires
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Master Nestor Galarraga, Chairman of the ITF Umpire Committee, invited Don Dalton to Buenos Aires to conduct a special workshop at the Monte Grande dojang which is the centre of the Taekwon-Do Association of Argentina (TAA). Mr. Dalton is the coach for ITF Team Europe and was the head coach for the Irish mens senior team and the Irish female senior team for the ITF World Championships. Both teams won the team sparring in Birmingham. The session was attended by around 40 members, the majority of which were black belts. This included many international instructors (Germn Snchez, Romina Galarraga, Juan Ancona, Montiel, Sergio Oyarzo, Silvia Farigu y Salvador Testa) and also many ITF world champions. The workshop had a relaxed and fun atmosphere throughout and the participants were encouraged to contribute with questions and comments. Time was spent explaining the fundamental differences between the average Northern European style of sparring and the Latin American counterpart. It was noted how many European coaches have adapted their instruction to include both systems of matsogi. The workshop concluded with some realistic self defence and some exercises to develop the pump side kick.

Afterwards Don Dalton thanked Master Galarraga for the fantastic hospitality and the wonderful friendship It is an honour to come to such a famous dojang and train with some of the worlds best martial artists. In Ireland we have been inspired by the Argentine standard of Taekwon-Do and we have been helped greatly by Master Galarraga and Master Maidana over the past few years. It is like a dream for me to have had such a wonderful opportunity. It has given me the chance to enjoy the special Buenos Aires hospitality and culture and this is something which will remain with me forever.

Master Galarraga said Don Dalton now forms part of the list of the great Taekwon-Do instructors that have graced this famous dojang and in closing, expressed his sincere gratitude and invited Mr. Dalton to return and teach in the future.

Written by: Shane Fitzgibbon - 17th December 2007

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