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Imperial Seminar & Banquet
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I arrived at the Crowne Plaza for 9.30am to find students from both Cornwall and Scotland in reception, Master Nicholls arrived shortly afterwards. We made our way to the training area and by 10am the hall was full of students for the seminar.

After a brief introduction Master Nicholls began with the explanation of technically adjustments made by Master Choi Jung Hwa after his recent seminars. With students ranging from White Belt to VI Degree a pattern specific seminar was out of the question.

Drawing on his many years experience Master Nicholls was able to give a extremely well received seminar concentrating on the generation of power, utilising what we have now termed the Taekwon-Do Movement.

The 3 hours passed in a flash, finishing with the V and VI Degree demonstrating So-San, then broke for a photo shoot. We now had the afternoon to utilise the Hotels facilities before the banquet later that evening.


For more pictures see our Gallery

Meeting for welcoming drinks at 7.30pm we were joined by the recently promoted Master Muleta and his mother who were over from Australia on family business. Always welcome Master Muleta has become good friends with a lot of Imperial Students as he was host for the 2006 Junior World Championships and made our group very welcome out in Oz.

We were all sat down by 8 and the starters were served. The 4 course Christmas menu went down a treat and by 9.30 we were on the coffee. It was time for Master Nicholls to take the lectern and after a short speech presented the annual awards.

Innovation and Continual Input

Mark Skyrme

Instructor of the Year

Catherine Divine

Outstanding Junior Competitor Female

Jace McLaughlan

Outstanding Junior Competitor Male

Reece Nicholls

Outstanding Senior Competitor

Lee Hollingsworth

Committed Contribution

Wendy Richards

Loyalty and Commitment

Hayley Parker

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Several Club Instructor then presented the local awards. Finally Master Nicholls made a presentation on behalf of the ITF to Master Muleta of his VII Degree Certificate making him one of only two students who have achieved the rank of 7th Degree in Australia under Master Choi Jung Hwa.

The evening then continued into the early hours with the DJ playing a vast selection of Tunes.



Sunday morning the instructor congregated in the board room for the Instructors AGM. We ran through the agenda items ranging from Business and Expansion Plans to Sanctioned Tournaments for next year. In particular the executive were re-elected and the regional directors were announced.


Master Trevor Nicholls VIII

Secretary General
Mr Mark Skyrme VI

Mr Mandeep Rauli V

Regional Director - South West
Mr David Eldred IV

Regional Director - South East
Mr Lee Hollingsworth V

Regional Director - Midlands West
Mr Paul Cain IV

Regional Director - Midlands East
Miss Hayley Parker IV

Regional Director - Scotland
Miss Catherine Divine V



In School Co-ordinator
Miss Laurie Cornwell III

Closing with AOB from the room the meeting was brought to an end.

On a personal note I would like to thank all students and instructors for their support throughout the year and look forward to 2008.

For more pictures see our Gallery

Written by: Mark Skyrme - 17th December 2007
[Comments: 2]

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Joel Ashley Wilson (England ITF) : 14th February 2008, 22:06

a great way to end 2007
Lee Hollingsworth (England ITF) : 23rd January 2008, 18:11

Nice Article
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