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Master Parm Rai Seminar
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On November 9th and 10th Master Parm Rai, ITF Treasurer, and Special Assistant to the President, traveled to All-Star Taekwon-Do in Fairfield, New Jersey to conduct 2 days of training workshops. Students from California, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania attended.

The first day of training was reserved for 4th degree black belts and above. With this group Master Rai reviewed 4th and 5th dan patterns. Master Terry Batch from Michigan and Master Rai also demonstrated Tong-Il tul for the group. ITF technique and theory was also reviewed and further discussed well into the evening.

Pictured Centered Master Parm Rai, VII Dan, and Master Terry Batch, VII Dan

The second day of training was a 4 hour work shop (attended by students ranging from 8th gup through 7th dan) with an extra hour reserved for senior instructors. During this workshop Master Rai reviewed fundamentals, kicking, sine wave, patterns, advanced model sparring, and, of course, conditioning. Following the training, Master Rai updated the group on all of the upcoming ITF events and the expansion of the ITF under President Choi.

I would like to personally thank Master Rai, Master Batch, Ms. Risko, and Mr. Cashatt, for their friendship and support.


Nick Malefyt, V Dan
Certified International Instructor
Class A Umpire

Written by: Mr Nick Malefyt - 14th November 2007
[Comments: 1]

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Article Feedback:

Michael Munyon (United States ITF) : 15th November 2007, 04:26

It's always great to hear about Master Rai's seminars. He seems to be very active as a master instructor and is willing to travel and instruct those who are serious about learning ITF Taekwon-Do. Thanks Master Rai for your support and technical expertise which you provided for those in attendance.

Thanks to Mr. Malefyt for offering this event at his school.

Michael Munyon
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