Sharpening the Saw
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Effective people involved in regular self-renewal and self-improvement in the physical/emotional, mental and spiritual areas of their lives , this is one of the seven habits of highly effective people as described by Dr Stephen Covey.

On a weekly basis senior grades from many different parts of the country, one as far away as Scotland wind their way to the headquarters of the ITF in the UK to train under the most Senior Master in the United
Kingdom, Master Trevor Nicholls 8th Degree, Secretary General of the ITF.

The lessons are always informative and strenuous, with Master Nicholls leading by example. He knows the
importance of Black Belts of all grades continuing their training. The lessons are a time for the Senior Grades to improve and discuss lots of different aspects of our chosen art. Working with Master Nicholls gives us the
opportunity to experience first hand the teachings of Grand Master Choi Jun Hwa, as Master Nicholls travels extensively to train with him.

One of the greatest sadnesses I can think of is when instructors feel that they have no more to learn or that they are above the need for training.  In my own experience I have asked  many times for regular training
sessions with seniors or colleagues and this has been denied, I think this is a major contribution to people
leaving their groups or associations.
Is it not hypocritical to expect your own student to train regularly, but you as an instructor do not ?

If the saw is sharpened then you can cut through the wood with ease This is true of our lives, we need to continually improve and renew our skills and knowledge to be highly effective people, not just for ourselves but more importantly for our students.

Thank you for your time

Mr Don Deedigan VI Degree

Written by: Don Deedigan - 12th November 2007
[Comments: 2]

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Article Feedback:

Carl Mallinson (England ITF) : 14th November 2007, 21:47

I agree sir, how can students be expected to learn when their trainers feel they no longer need to learn?

Carl Mallinson :)
Robert Borja : 12th November 2007, 17:15

Mr. Deedigan,

Thanks for a nice and needed article written from the heart.
True leaders, such as Master Nicholls, know that there is no substitute for leading by example.

Bob Borja V
Taekwon-Do Central
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