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Report on The Grandmaster's Class Seminar
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The Traditional Taekwon-Do Association News

February 19, 2007

Report on The Grandmaster's Class Seminar submitted by Mr. Tom Stevens

This past weekend in beautiful Calgary Alberta, the TTA in association with Lightning Family Martial arts was host to the ITF President and son of the founder of Taekwon Do, Grandmaster Choi, Jung Hwa. The President ran a 2 Day seminar, sharing his extensive knowledge with over 90 participants.

The President arrived in Calgary on Thursday, a full day early in order that he might spend some time with some of the Western TTA instructors. He was toured around the city, taking in the local sites and enjoyed some of Calgary''''s famous Western Canadian hospitality. The Grandmaster''''s official duties began on Friday evening when he tested Mr. Phil Mageau for his V Dan. On behalf of the TTA I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Mageau on the successful completion of the test . Enjoy learning your new patterns Sir.

Saturday''''s portion of the 2 day seminar got underway at approximately 9am. All ranks were in attendance and eager to learn. Grandmaster Choi arrived and was quick to greet everyone with a smile.

The Grandmaster''''s hand picked assistants

(TTA Senior Advisor) Master John Roussel ITF certified 7th dan,

(TTA President) Mr. Chris Howes ITF certified 5th dan

(TTA Secretary Treasurer) Mr. Csaba Csanyi ITF certified 4th dan the day started with a quick warm-up and then the floor was left to the Grandmaster. The progression through the patterns was brisk. The Grandmaster noted several times that he was impressed by the over all technical skill that he saw. The day seemed to pass, almost, too quickly. The patterns flew by with the days training concluding with Eui-Am Tul. The Grandmaster then graciously posed for pictures or autographed pictures, belts and uniforms for all that requested it.

The training on Sunday was open to black belts only. The day was intense and enlightening. The Grandmaster not only shared his vast knowledge of technique, but also discussed philosophy with the group. He reminded all in attendance that they are not just training in Taekwon Do for themselves, but for future generations as well. All practitioners of Taekwon Do, especially instructors, are links to the Founder and the root of the art. He imparted his desire to keep this link & the future of Taekwon Do strong, to always do your best to teach proper technique. To Always strive to improve oneself in both body and mind. As it did on Saturday, the day seemed to pass much to quickly. Once again, at days end the Grandmaster then graciously made time for pictures and autographs.

On behalf of the entire TTA Membership I would like to thank Mr. Chris Howes for putting this seminar together, the Grandmaster''''s instructional team (Master John Roussel and Mr. Csaba Csanyi) , the TTA Instructors and Members for attending, and most of all (of course) Grandmaster Choi, Jung Hwa for once again taking the time to visit us in Western Canada.

Taekwon, Tom Steven, IIIrd Dan

Written by: Tom Steven - 26th February 2007

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