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Mr. Parm Rai @ Batch Taekwon-Do
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Mr. Parm Rai @ Batch Taekwon-Do
January 20, 2007
Midland, Michigan
An Excellent Workshop with Mr. Parm Rai
On January 20, 2007, Mr. Parm Rai, Special Assistant to President Choi, ITF Treasurer, ITF Technical Committee Member and VI Degree Black Belt conducted a 1 day workshop in Midland, Michigan at Batch Taekwon-Do.
70 participants ranking from 7th Degree Black Belts to 9th Gup traveled from  Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Colorado, and Canada to train with Mr. Rai. 
During this all day training, Mr. Rai lead his special warm ups that were a challenge to all as well as reviewing the most up to date details on all patterns and the basics of three step sparring.  Mr. Rai shared many entertaining & educational Taekwon-Do stories from his world travels.
During the workshop, students were able to ask technical questions about technique with demonstrations of the skills.  Mr. Rai's explanation of the purpose of some specific techniques in the patterns was especially eye opening.
Mr. Rai's presentation was inspiring to all ages and ranks.  Everyone found a renewed eagerness to grow in Tae Kwon Do and  Mr. Rai certainly left us with an appetite for more seminars.

Written by: ITF - USITF - 9th February 2007

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