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First Hong Kong Cyberport Cup
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New Championship

A new ITF local championship was founded this year with the holding of the first Cyberport Cup in the Cyberport shopping mall on Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. The event was presided over by Master Chew of Malaysia who accompanied the visiting teams to the event and was sponsored jointly by Cyberport, who hosted the event, and Adidas, who provided the sparring equipment. The event is intended to become an annual fixture.


Range of competitions.

Teams representing Hong Kong as well as visitors from Malaysia competed in patterns, team patterns and sparring at all weights from fin to heavy. Standard of competition was generally high, but good-humoured. The visiting teams had trained very hard and took a huge share of the medals.


Public Spectacle

The Cyberport Cup broke new ground for a Hong Kong based competition, as it was the first to be held in the atrium of a shopping centre, rather than in a sports hall. As this led to the event taking place within full view of the entrance and the food court, the public were treated to a free show of Taekwon-do and the profile of ITF Hong Kong was thereby raised. At least one former ITF black belt who had despaired of finding anyone to train with in Hong Kong has since contacted the group. It is hoped that public exposure of this kind will further the growth of ITF in Hong Kong.


Future Plans

As stated above, it is intended that the Cyberport Cup will become an annual fixture and that future events will include competitors from other countries and from other Taekwon- Do clubs and organisations thus strengthening links within the Taekwon-Do family.

Written by: ITF Administration - 11th December 2006

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