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A Great Review of the Cycle of Taekwon-Do (Soonhwan Do)
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A Great Review of the Cycle of Taekwon-Do (Soonhwan Do)

On November 11, 2006, Special Assistant to President Choi, ITF Treasurer, ITF Technical Committee Member, and VI Degree Black Belt, Mr. Parm Rai, traveled to All-Star Taekwon-Do in Fairfield, New Jersey (USA), to conduct a 4.5-hour ITF workshop. Participants ranked from yellow belts through 6th degree black belts and traveled from 4 states (Nevada, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania) to train with Mr. Rai.

During this high-energy training session, Mr. Rai reviewed the importance of fundamental movements, patterns (Chon-Ji, Dan-Gun, Yul-Guk, and Hwa-Rang for the colored belts who attended and Po-Eun, Yon-Gae, and So-San for the 20 black belts in attendance), step sparring, self-defense and dallyon. The workshop definitely touched on every area of the training composition of ITF Taekwon-Do.

The physical portion of the workshop culminated with a fantastic introduction to Advanced Model Sparring (Mobum Matsogi). It was awesome to see Mr. Rai demonstrate the true power and beauty of ITF Taekwon-Do through this unique demonstration/training sequence. Mr. Rai issued a challenge to the all of the participants to work on the sequences presented and to publicly demonstrate them in the near future. Many of the participants seem up to the challenge!

To conclude the event, Mr. Rai answered technical questions from participants, spoke to the importance of the cohesiveness of the Taekwon-Do family, and reiterated many of the upcoming events offered by the ITF

Following the workshop I received many phone calls and emails regarding the content of the seminar as well as Mr. Rais instructional expertise. We look forward to having Mr. Rai back to New Jersey soon and we appreciate him sharing his 1% with us.

Written by: Nick Malefyt - 16th November 2006

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