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Superb Seminar by Mr. Tarcisio (Toni) Martella VI
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Taekwon-Do Central, ISD 99, hosted a highly successful and exciting 2-day Seminar the second weekend of October in Eschwege, Germany. Conducting the seminar was VI Degree Tarcisio (Toni) Martella from Bochum, Germany. At the beginning of 2006, the ITF led by Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa awarded Mr. Martella for his outstanding contributions in technical development and instruction. Mr. Martella indeed is recognized in many countries for technical excellence both as practitioner und trainer. There were forty-nine participants, aged seven to fifty-five, of which nineteen were black belts. Seventeen black belts came from various clubs in Germany. Two VII Degree Masters came from the Netherlands. Mr. Martellas presentation was dynamic in all aspects.
The eight hours of instruction on Saturday concentrated on the exacting demonstration of techniques in, and group performance of, the Tuls. The organizer was particularly pleased that his ambitious goal, of having Tuls from Chayu Jirugi to Tong-Il addressed, was actually realized a real rarity! Along with the performance of individual techniques, the many group trainers among the black belts present were also introduced to innovative training methods such as how to quickly synchronize a sports hall full of students to one rhythm when performing Tuls. As an added special feature, a black belt student of Taekwon-Do Central provided self-defense instruction to white and yellow belt students at a corner of the sports hall, after Mr. Martella progressed past the Tan-Gun Tul.

Sunday activities started with two students from Taekwon-Do Central successfully testing for 3rd Degree. Heartfelt congratulations go out to Marika Ziesack and Peter Mueller for their superb test performance and Taekwon-Do career accomplishment.
The first subject of instruction that day was self-defense. Mr. Martella expressed his philosphy for self-defense and then proceeded to demonstrate a variety of techniques against common situations. Eyes opened in amazement as highly effective, but yet relatively simple open hand techniques against vital spots were shown. It was most evident that know-how was everything! Progression was then made from single to multiple, inter-connected techniques. All techniques demonstrated and practiced were convincingly effective even against much bigger opponents. An example was a particular grab and twist of just one of the opponents fingers brought him to his knees in pain. Highlighted were techniques which allowed for measured imposed pain based on the attackers resistance to giving up. Techniques against two opponents were also shown.
Instructions then shifted to sparring. Lightning speed combinations were shown and drilled first in shadow boxing format, then with target mitts, and finally with partners. Given the fast tempo, every participant was absolutely exhausted by end of training at 4.00 p.m. on day 2 All participants thought the experience was not only highly educational but also great fun.

Many parents and relatives who had intended only to drop off and then later pick up their children at the seminar decided to stay or hurry back from family weekend choirs to watch the seminar. Continuing for days after, feedback to the organizer, Robert Borja, from participants, parents and other spectators was that Mr. Martella conducted a superb seminar!

Written by: Robert Borja - Taekwon-Do CentralISD 99 - 13th November 2006
[Comments: 1]

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