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World Championships Australia 2006

As you all know, the 8th ITF Juniors World Championships will be held between the 14th 16th September, at the Arena Geelong, in Geelong city, Victoria, Australia.
For that reason I travelled to Melbourne city on last June 8th where I taught the 4th International Umpire Course for a large quantity of Instructors and, as I use to, I didnt miss the chance of slipping through several valuable technical aspects.
After the Course I attended to the southern region Junior tournament Selection process for Australia 2006. The standard was technically good and they almost followed all the official tournament regulations with some changes in order to make easier the competition development. The organization was perfect and was Instructor Michael Muletas responsibility. This means that Australian people are working hard for this issue.
There is no doubt that Michael Muleta and his team are doing a great job for the World Championships organization the first one in that continent- an its just farther advanced in every detail.
Geelong is a small secure city with humble and kind people, sensitive to any sports expressions. I verified the stadium and I believe it was a very good choice. Hotels are next to the stadium the chosen one for the Umpires and the ITF authorities is Four Points Sheraton Geelong, facing Corio Bay, an amazing place.
Our junior competitors will certainly live a great experience because Im sure this event will be a definitely real party in which more than 20 countries have just confirmed their attendance.
Im thankful with the Instructors that accompanied me during those gatherings in Melbourne: Civi Cruc, Steven Weston, Noel Keating, Chris Galibert, and congratulate Neil Cliff y Taso Kollis for their promotions VI y IV Degree respectively, to whom I had the honour of testing. And my very special thanks to Michael Muleta for his effort and huge job on organizing the 8th ITF Juniors World Championships.

Queensland, the sunshine coast

On June 13th I travelled to Queensland to attend the northern region Juniors Selection process and to teach a course for Master Jamie Moores Instructors group recently incorporated to Grand Master Chois ITF.
It was a small tournament with not more than 50 competitors previously selected. The standard was similar to the other region and the organization was neat and tidy.
It was an intense week with a lot of work. Before the championships I taught a seminar for Umpires, the following day we began with the Technical Seminars. Master Moores Instructors group has got an indefatigable volition and a first level technique. Actually I was surprised to find something precious these days: martiality and technical knowledge. High graduated and aged Instructors with an incredible disposal for Taekwon-do training.
I enjoyed a lot those days in Queensland, I enjoyed the training sessions and the company of genuine ITF Instructors. I want to thank Master Moore and his group: Michael Kordanovski, Peter Sullivan, Neville Burn, Nigel Paul, Scott Bower, Phil Van Den Broek and Gary King. A valuable incorporation for our Federation.

Written by: Master Nstor Galarraga - 23rd August 2006

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