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Mr. Mahadi took opportunity of this sitting to welcome Master Trevor Nicholls, Master ray Gayle and Miss Lucy wolf to Ghana and urge them to enjoy their stay in Ghana.

Master Nicholls declared the ITF intentions on there plans to help the ITF-Ghana and other African countries. The Burkina Faso representative also express great gratitude to meeting the two masters and put forward to them the problems Africa faces in the development of an association like ITF-Africa.

The masters were left to relax for the long hour journey they made. The masters class begun on Friday at the Ghana national association of teachers hall near Novotel the programme started at about 9:15 am before the start of the program Mr. Mohammed Mahadi demonstrated to Master Nicholls that all that he had acquired from him and Mr. Don Dalton in the recent Nigeria seminar has been put into practice. some students were asked to perform CHONGI to TOI-GYE tul, Master Nicholls was very encouraged by the standard.

The teaching started by Master Trevor Nicholls, assisted by Master Ray Gayle and Miss Lucy Wolf. Teachings were basically on the sine waves, attacks and blocks with lots of different stances and their corresponding attack in patterns.

There was a television interview with Master Nicholls, Ray Gayle, Lucy and Mahadi (TV. 3) during the coverage of the seminar. There was a demonstration from Miss Lucy wolf, Master Ray Gayle also taught a group of five the pattern (tul) named TOI-GYE. It was really an experience in the life of all the Taekwon-Do practitioners coming from all over the nation. Training with the masters was an experience one must not miss.

The itf president of Ghana was with the same feeling of joy and happiness. The seminar came to an end at about 5:10pm. On Saturday it began with a live radio interview with Master Nicholls in English and Mr. Mahadi in a local language. Training started immediately after the rain has stopped. This time students continued with other kinds of hand attacks and blockings from the teachings of Master Nicholls and ended with some kicking techniques.

The main programme of the day which was an inter schools competition followed immediately after the seminar which ended in a half day period. The director of our main sponsors, Mr. Ali . Gave a speech and talked about the need for male and female education not only through academic work but also through sport with the assistance of the International Taekwon-Do Federation of Ghana.

A brief message about discipline followed up by Master Ray Gayle 7th Dan, President / Chairman of PUMA Taekwon-Do in the U.K. Master Trevor Nicholls, 8th Dan, the president of U.K. Taekwon-Do and the Secretary General of international TaeKwon-Do federation gave a short message about the ways and life of TaeKwon-Do and the intention of itf in Africa. The president ended with his speech centred on the aims of the seminar, the inter-schools competition and TaeKwon-Do as a whole. He talks about unity and discipline and using TaeKwon-Do to check immoral acts.

Again and this time the national television station (GTV) was there for a full coverage as well. There were clubs from schools and institutions such as university of cape coast, Ho polytechnic, Datus complex, la presec, darkuman Taekwon-Do school-headed by Mr. Mahadi Mohammed, from Ashanti region headed by Mr. Simon, Ghana Lebanon Islamic senior secondary school (Gliss), schools from all over the nation.

The day ended with 21 winners to be paired for their semi-finals and finals.

The third day being the last day of the session also started with continuation of the inter-schools competition. There was a friendly match between Burkina Faso and Ghana. (Two representatives from each country). Ghana was represented by Mustapha Saeed and Thomas Esiape Jnr.
Whilst Burkina Faso by Abdullah Konney and Mahamadu Money.

Mustapha Saeed of Ghana won and Thomas Esiape of Ghana had a draw. in all Ghana won the friendly match against Burkina Faso. The rain finally brought the day to an unplanned end with competitors who were left to go for a 3rd and 4th position and 1st and 2nd position were all declared winners, whilst the winning school went to Ghana Lebanon Islamic Senior Secondary School.(GLISSS).

Presents were awarded to participants who took part of the tournament, whilst brand new DOBOKS were presented to the winners. And Mr Mykel representative from Nigeria presented a kicking pad to the wining school and equipment to some of the students.

The president was examined for 4th degree which he passed. It was all fun and learning when the president had to spar with two black belts, at the same time immediately after he had spar with the Nigerian representative and another 2degree black belt. The programme came to an end with a vote of thanks from Mr.Mahadi Mohammed to the sponsors:

The Masters journeyed on with the Secretary General and the President of ITF-Ghana to central region specifically Cape Coast a tourist region. The masters and the president visited the Kakum National Park, an interesting park full of wild animals and a canopy walk.

We hope to see the Master again in Ghana for the 2nd intercontinental cup next year.

Written by: Mahadi Mohammed - 19th July 2006

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