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On the 27th of March 2006, members of the International Taekwon-Do Federation from several continents will converge to celebrate ITF 40th anniversary in Africa, on the occasion of the first ever ITF International Umpire Course to be organized in Africa. This event is to be hosted by the University of Lagos Taekwon-Do Club, continuing her excellent tradition of hosting world class event.

This event will culminate the three years of extensive work by "friends of Africa" in the ITF family who have worked to improve multilateral relationships and growth in Africa. Grandmaster Choi's decided interest in Africa was expressed through Mr Don Dalton of ITF-Ireland several years ago after meeting with Mr George Ashiru at an international event in Europe. Since, and with the active cooperation of Master Sahota, the ITF gradually received new memberships from all the regions of Africa, including Nigeria, Ghana, Mali, South Africa, Algeria, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Togo, Congo Brazaville.

The ITF Secretary General, Master Nicholls, also made contact with Mr Ashiru of ITF Nigeria and discussed ways to encourage active participation of the continent in the growth of ITF in Africa. Several initiatives were brought forward and after the trip of Mr and Mrs Dalton to Nigeria for the first ITF West-Africa Instructor program, the stage was set for a larger event. During the ITF South American Championship in Argentina, Grandmaster Choi received a report of the progress of assimilating more African INOs into the ITF and the ITF President immediately approved a series of events, which will begin with Master Galarraga coming for the ITF Umpire Course in March / April in Nigeria and Master Nicholls doing another Instructor program in Ghana for May, both for 2006, while Master Maidana will visit North Africa sometime later for another regional training program. All this will culminate in Grandmaster Choi visiting the continent for ITF's first IIC in more than four decades.

Already, ITF members from as far as Nepal will be in Lagos in less than two weeks to enjoy the international standards of the ITF. Participants will visit several tourist sites in and around Lagos and there will be a courtesy visit to one of Nigeria's Governors. The course will be rounded up with the 2nd ITF Intercontinental Cup pitting Europes best against Africa as well as an open championships. All events will be held at the new Sports Hall of the University of Lagos University. Lagos is happy to have many friends coming to visit and we wish all visitors a pleasant trip in advance.

George H. Ashiru
Founder, Unilag Taekwondo Club
President, ITF Nigeria


EVENT: 16th International Camp Taekwon-Do & ITF International Referee Course
HOST: University Of Lagos Taekwondo Club
SANCTIONED BY: International Taekwondo Federation (ITF)
PROGRAMME DIRECTOR: George H. Ashiru, President, ITF-Africa
VENUE: Unilag Sports Hall
DATE: 31st March - 2nd April 2006
TIME: 9am - 7pm each day (Closing Ceremony, 2pm, 2nd April)
EVENTS: ITF International Referee Course: Master Galarraga, 8th Dan
ITF Intercontinental Cup (Europe vs Africa Team Championships)
16th ITA International Training Camp (Training Course) Mr. Dalton, 6th Dan



27 Mar: Arrivals
28 Mar: ITF Africa Meetings & Press Conference/Interviews, Welcome Dinner
29 Mar: Courtesy visit to Governor of Ogun State/Rock climbing
30 Mar: General Training & Sight Seeing
31 Mar: Umpire Course
1 April: Umpire Course & Evening Out
2 April: Euro-Africa Team Tournament, Banquet.
3 March: Free time/visits/Picnic - Departure from 5pm
Team Europe Led By: Mr Don Dalton, 6th Dan (Ireland)
Team Africa Led By: Master George Ashiru (Nigeria)
Referee Course: Master Nestor Galarraga, 8th Dan (Argentina)
Guest OF Honour: Master Trevor Nicholls, 8th Dan, (British)
Mr Michael Tibollo, ITF Vice President, (Canada)
Team Europe: Nicholas Pantelli (Captain)
Lee Hollinsgworth
Shane Fitzigbon
Sean Keane
Bashir Farkuri
Team Africa: Martins Obiorah (Nigeria/Captain)
Mahadi Mohammed (Ghana)
Idir Khial (Algeria)
Babel Solel (Congo Brazaville)
Bola Otubushin (Nigeria)
Boualem Jani (Gambia)
Expected Participants: 100+ Black Belts from Nigeria, Africa, Europe & Nepal

Written by: George H. Ashiru - 17th March 2006

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