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Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa visited Northern California February 17-18 for a Master's Seminar hosted by United States International Taekwon-Do Federation and Jue's Taekwon-Do in Pleasanton California. Over a 100 students ranging from 8 to 60 came from Washington, Utah, Nevada, Missouri and Pennsylvania as well as all areas of California. The seminar allowed Taekwon-Do students to hear from Grand Master Choi himself on such topics as the importance of fundamental movements in patterns and the true meaning of the tenants of Taekwon-Do. Master Robert Wheatley 8th Dan and President of the USITF and Mr. Par Rai, 6th Dan and Treasurer of the ITF also instructed in the seminar with kicking techniques and hands on coaching.

Grand Master Choi also presided over Gordon Jue's 7th Dan test on February 17th. Many of his students came to watch a test that included patterns, self defence and an impressive breaking demonstration.

Grand Master Choi also took part in one of Northern California's hottest tourist attractions wine tasting. Here he is pictured with Master Robert Wheatley, Ms. Amy Giovannetti, 3rd Dan and Mr. Par Rai and Mitchell Katz Winery in Pleasanton, California.

Written by: Master Gorden Due - 1st March 2006

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