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Master Galarraga Conducts Seminars in South Korea
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On the 19th and 20th of November Master Nstor Galarraga lead an International Umpires Seminar in Daejon City, South Korea (venue of the historic ITF World Championships in 2004).

The Seminar was organized by Mr.. Oh Jang Jin, Secretary General of ITF of Korea. More than 80 instructors of 4th Degree or higher rank participated in the seminar, demonstrating the remarkable growth and popularity of original Taekwon-Do in the country of its birth, under the administration of President Choi Jung Hwa.

The ITF in Korea is continuing to expand steadily and has already extended to several provinces.

Master Nstor Galarraga was assisted by Master Jose Maidana who also taught some classes at the headquarters of ITF Korea. Also in attendance was Mr. Zibbi Kruk, 6th Degree, from Australia who assisted to Master Nstor Galarraga during the seminar.

Whilst in Korea, Master Nstor Galarraga conducted a senior degree test on behalf of the ITF, at which the official representative of ITF Japan, Mr., Lee Jong Mok was examined for promotion to 6th. Degree and Mr. Tagaki Koji examined for 5th Degree. Both candidate were successfully promoted.

As is customary, when senior members are present in different countries, several meetings were conducted and those present were able to establish a coordinated diary of events for ITF South Korea, for the 2006 season.

Master Nstor Galarraga and Master Jose Maidana would like to express their gratitude and regards to Mr. Oh Jang Jin for his excellent organisation and for his kindness and hospitality throughout the duration of their visit to South Korea.

Written by: - 8th December 2005

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