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Master Wheatley Specialty Seminar and Black Belt Testing
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Saturday, November 19, 2005, Blue Mountain Taekwon-Do hosted a Seminar & Black Belt testing with Master Robert Wheatley VIII Dan, President of the USITF.

Congratulations to Ms. Hailey Rambo and Mrs. Diana McCauley on successfully passing the requirements for 2nd Degree Black Belt. Master Robert Wheatley VIII Dan, President of the US-ITF presided over the testing.

Mr. Willy Whipple, who has been a domestic 2nd Dan Black Belt for five years, demonstrated his talents as well as his integrity by participating in the testing as well. Mr. Whipple has been approved to receive his ITF 2nd Dan Certificate. We congratulate him on his ITF status and commend him for his willingness to put himself through the rigors of testing even though it was not required.

The testing candidates are all students of Mr. Mason McCauley III Dan, who showed perseverance by calling the test and participating in the Ho-Sin-Sul routines despite a foot injury he received the night before. We would also like to extend a special thank you to Mr. Mathew McCauley I Dan, who teamed up with Mr. Mason McCauley to assist the candidates with their routines.

Following the testing Approximately 31 students ranging from 10th Gup up to 5th Dan, from Washington, Oregon, and Utah took the opportunity to learn from one of the top Master Instructors of the world.

Master Wheatley covered a wide range of topics including skills in dodging, proper terminology, incorporating mass power and kicking. The seminar lasted four hours where the participants were put through a fast- paced work out which included independent work as well as partner drills.

We are fortunate to have Master Wheatley come all the way to Walla Walla to conduct a quality seminar and testing. We also want to thank him for taking the time out of his busy schedule to support us, his students and members of the US-ITF. We look forward to hosting another event with Master Wheatley in the future.

Written by: Carl Woodward - 7th December 2005

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