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Albuquerque, New Mexico host's 8th Annual Workshop with Mr. Mike Morningstar
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International Taekwon-Do New Mexico held its 8th annual Kicking and Sparring Techniques workshop on October 7 th and 8th 2005. The event was conducted by International Instructor, Mr. Mike Morningstar 6th degree, former ITF World Champion. Hosted by International Taekwon-Do New Mexico, Mr. Morningstar held the workshop over two days allowing for an impressive gathering of black belts Friday night, as well as more individualized sessions for the color belts on Saturday morning and afternoon.

The Friday night black belt class had participants ranging in rank from 1st degree black belts having just tested a few weeks before, to 6 th degree. With 32 black belt participants, the workshop lasted for over 4 hours giving the them an opportunity to train and spar with their Taekwon-Do brothers and sisters from Canada. Mr. Morningstar's famous and thorough warm-up began the training which included mild static stretching as well as body conditioning with and without a partner. The warm-up was completed using a number of color belt patterns, which is always welcome and educational. Mr. Morningstar then proceeded to breakdown the black belt patterns inviting an in-depth technical discussion as the patterns progressed.

The evening concluded with a sparring session in which the participants sparred in multiple rounds with rotating partners and ended with individual sparring matches done in the rings. The training was exhausting but everybody had a great time, and learned a lot.

The Saturday sessions were broken up by age and rank with 48 participants ranging from 5 year old white and yellow belts to adult red belts. The first session was for the five to seven year old white through green belts, and concentrated on fundamental exercises, beginning patterns, team building drills and making sure that the youngsters had a good time.

The second morning session was for children eight to twelve years old, lasting a little longer, Mr. Morningstar continued to focus on fundamental exercises, as well as taking a more intense look at patterns and also included a lively discussion about courtesy and appropriate behavior in the dojang.

The late morning and afternoon sessions were mainly for teenagers and adults ranging from white belt to red belt. The rigorous training included kicking and sparring drills as well as a more technical look at patterns for the red and blue belts.

The entire workshop was a great success as it has been in years past, and everyone at International Taekwon-Do New Mexico looks forward to next year's event!

Written by: Beca Montano - 1st November 2005

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