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The work of Messrs Don Dalton, George Ashiru and Master Bhup Sahota in developing the ITF in Africa in the last 30 months is yielding positive results.

Recently Algeria and Congo (Brazaville) joined a growing list of INO/ISDs registering with the ITF. The two French speaking nations have been in touch with Mr. Ashiru, President of ITF-Nigeria for a few months, and have sent in their registrations to ITF Administration.

More than 15 countries have so far joined the ITF under Grandmaster Choi, and several more are expected at the African Championships planned to follow the 1st ever ITF International Umpire Course coming up in March 2006, in Lagos, Nigeria.

The ITF have approved plans for the first International Umpire Course ever to be held in Africa. The event is scheduled in Lagos, Nigeria, for 2006. Approved by Grandmaster Choi, who will be represented by ITF Vice President, Mr. Tibollo, the event will run from March 31 to April 2nd 2006.

The Umpire course will be taught by Master Nestor Gallaraga, 8th Dan and Head of ITF's Umpire & Tournaments Committee.

Leading a team Europe will be Mr. Don Dalton, 6th Dan - President of ITF Ireland. Mr Dalton will be accompanied by his wife Patricia, 4th Dan and several members of the IUTF. He will also provide technical instruction during the course.

The course will be rounded up on Sunday 2nd of April, 2006 with the African Championships, Black Belt Testing and dinner. All participants will be lodged at the official hotel (Mainland Hotel) and will visit several tourist attractions. We look forward to welcoming all out Taekwon-Do brothers and sisters to Africa, next March.

George H. Ashiru, 6th Dan
President, ITF-Nigeria

Written by: George H. Ashiru - 29th October 2005

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