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Western Canada Hosts Mr. Mike Morningstar for Pattern Workshop
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On the weekend of October 21 - 23, 2005 Mr. Mike Morningstar VIth Dan (former ITF World Patterns Champion) travelled to Calgary, Alberta to perform a 3 Day Pattern Workshop and High Dan Grading. Mr. Chris Howes and Mrs. Sonya Howes of Lightning family Martial Arts hosted the event which brought together ITF Instructors and students from across Western Canada, including Master John Roussel VIIth Dan from Victoria British Columbia and Mr. Charles McGinnis VIth Dan from Albuquerque, New Mexico as special guests.

Prior to the commencement of the workshop, Mr. Chris Howes was tested for 5th Dan Black Belt in a rigorous 2 hour exam that covered all aspects of traditional ITF Taekwon-Do including, Pattern Demonstration, Step Sparring, Model Sparring, One on One Sparring, Multiple Opponent Sparring, Self Defence, Theory and an amazing Board Breaking Demonstration. The examination was adjuficated by a panel overseen by Master John Roussel.

Mr. Morningstar conducted the course, which was open only to Red and Black Belt students in an orderly fashion beginning with the low level patterns, going over each pattern in depth examining the fundamental movements and proper application of each pattern as well as proper instructional techniques. Taking time to work with several students one on one, including the recently selected Canadian Junior Girls Team. The Seminar travelled through all of the patterns completeing with the pattern Moon-Moo , which is performed by 4th degrees and above. With students, instructors and masters training together, learning together, and sweating together, the workshop was a monumental success. The course concluded on Sunday the 23rd with warm farewells and a strong sense of accomplishment. Western Canada looks forward to the return of Mr. Morningstar in March of 2006 when He and Mr. Howes will be touring the Western Canadian clubs to conduct courses and perform a series of Dan Gradings.

Written by: Mr. Chris Howes - 25th October 2005

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