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The ITF Senior Degree grading was held on Friday 23 September. The importance of the occasion was highlighted by the distinguished grading panel on the day, lead by two 8th Degree Masters: Master Trevor Nicholls (VIII Dan) and Master Roy Oldham (VIII Dan) who were assisted by Master Jim Hogan (VII Dan), Mr Mark Ogborne (VI Dan), Mr Mandeep Rauli (V Dan) and Mr John Archer (V Dan).

All those in attendance were trying to attain senior grades, from 4th Degree and 5th Degree, to one member who was trying to achieve the rank of 6th Degree. With 4th Degree and above earning title of International Black Belt, there is an obvious quality and responsibility that comes with such a position. Accordingly, an extremely high standard was demanded of all those present. The grading was most definitely a true test of everyones resolve, lasting in excess of four hours. Students were thoroughly examined on their ITF syllabus, Self-Defence, Sparring, and Breaking.

For events such as this, where the intensity and importance of the occasion was evident to everyone there, including spectators, everyone who participated deserves special congratulations. For all involved, this one night was the culmination of four years of training, and in some cases even more. Whether they are ultimately successful in achieving the sought after grade or not, such commitment to the Art must not go unrecognised.

Congratulations to all.

Written by: UKITF - 29th September 2005

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