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Final Results of 3rd Everest Open International Taekwondo Championship 2018 Nepal
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Final Results of 3rd Everest Open International Taekwondo Championship 2018 Nepal

Best Female Player- Resma Lungeli (Nepal)

Best Male Player- Dylan Coughlan (Singapore)


  BOYS 9th-7th  Gup (age below 10 yrs)  INDIVIDUAL PATTERN                            

Gold-James Khyaju (Nepal)

Silver-Romeo Thapa (Nepal)

Bronze-Anish Budha Magar (Nepal)

Bronze-Reason Ghising (Nepal)


  BOYS 6th-4th  Gup (age below 10 yrs)  INDIVIDUAL PATTERN                            

Gold-Sharat Shinkhwal (Nepal)

SilverAmrit Tamang (Nepal)

 Bronze-Nischal Khyaju (Nepal)

Bronze-Prabin B.C (Nepal)


 BOYS 6th-4th  Gup (age below 13 yrs)  INDIVIDUAL PATTERN                            

Gold- Sudil Thuyaju (Nepal)

 SilverSanjib Tamang (Nepal)

BronzePrakash B.C (Nepal)

 BronzeAmit Pun Maga r(Nepal)


 BOYS 6th-4th  Gup (age below 13 yrs)  INDIVIDUAL PATTERN                            

Gold Nishant Lamichhane (Nepal)

Silver Sanjay Lama (Nepal)

Bronze Pujan Bista (Nepal)

Bronze Babulal Moktan (Nepal)

BOYS 6th-1st  Gup (age below 18 yrs)  INDIVIDUAL PATTERN                            

GoldRajib Khyaju (Nepal)

SilverBibash Thapa (Nepal)

BronzeAnkit Thamsung(Nepal)

BronzeParmeshwor K.C (Nepal)


Girls 9th-7th  Gup (age below 13 yrs)  INDIVIDUAL PATTERN                             

GoldAarati Magar (Nepal)

SilverMahima Sunwar (Nepal)

BronzeReshma Lungeli (Nepal)


Girls 6th-4th  Gup (age below 13 yrs)  INDIVIDUAL PATTERN                            

Gold Surakshya Thapa (Nepal)

SilverAnuaha Gorkhali (Nepal)

BronzeDevika Magar (Nepal)

BronzeDipika Pulami Magar (Nepal)


Girls 6th-4th  Gup (age below 18 yrs)  INDIVIDUAL PATTERN                            

GoldShristi Sunwar (Nepal)

Silver Asmita Pun Magar (Nepal)

BronzeSusmita Tamang (Nepal)

BronzeSusmita Tamang (Nepal)


BOYS blue\red (age between 14-16 yrs)  INDIVIDUAL PATTERN                            

GoldRupak Khadka (Nepal)

SilverManik Bhujel (Nepal)

BronzeParajung Ghimire (Nepal)

BronzeAshish Sunwa (Nepal)


Girls 9th-7th  Gup (age between 14-16 yrs)  INDIVIDUAL PATTERN                            

 GoldSubina Tamang (Nepal)

Silver Aruna Tamang (Nepal)

Bronze Sonu Tamang (Nepal)

BronzeRanjita Tamang (Nepal)


 BOYS Black Belt 1st Dan INDIVIDUAL PATTERN                            

Gold Vikas Kumar Rao (India)

SilverSasman Basnet (Nepal)


  BOYS Black Belt 3rd Dan INDIVIDUAL PATTERN                            

Gold Dylan Coughlan (Singapore)

Silver Venu Gopala Raju (India)


Open Yellow Belt  INDIVIDUAL PATTERN                            

Gold Sumeet Byanju (Nepal)

Silver Tabithha Kithrell (Singapore)



BOYS (age below 10 yrs.) (20-25) kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring                         

GoldNischal Khyaju (Nepal)

SilverSwofil Lamichhane (Nepal)

BronzeSushan Blon (Nepal)

BronzeAmrit Tamang (Nepal)


BOYS (age below 10 yrs) (20-25)kg  INDIVIDUAL Sparring                         

GoldRihan Shahi (Nepal)

SilverRitik Lamichhane (Nepal)

BronzeKritan Dhungana (Nepal)

Bronze Bijay Lama (Nepal)


BOYS (age below 13 yrs) (20-25)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring                         

GoldSanjib Tamang (Nepal)

SilverSuden Lama (Nepal)

BronzeRaman Kunwar (Nepal)

BronzeSanjay Lama  (Nepal)


BOYS (age below 13yrs) (25-30)kg  INDIVIDUAL Sparring                         

GoldBabulal Moktan (Nepal)

SilverSudil Thuyaju (Nepal)

Bronze-Kunsang Tamang (Nepal)

BronzeArjun Tamang (Nepal)


BOYS (age below13yrs) (30-35)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring                          

GoldMilan Tamang (Nepal)

 SilverSudan Tamang (Nepal)

BronzeAashish Thapa (Nepal)

BronzeSamundra Thapa (Nepal)


Girls (age below 13 yrs) (35-40)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring                         

GoldDevika Magar (Nepal)

SilverSurakshya Thapa (Nepal)

 BronzeSwikriti Thapa (Nepal)

BrionzeAnusha Gorkhali (Nepal)

Girls(age below 13 yrs)  (25-30)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring                         

GoldMahima Sunwar (Nepal)

SilverRiya Thapa (Nepal)

Bronze Ayusha Khatri (Nepal)

BronzeAbhipshaa Mohanta (India)


Girls (age below 10yrs) (20-25)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring                         

GoldPratima Thapa (Nepal)

SilverResma Lungeli (Nepal)

BronzeSalami Khadka (Nepal)

BronzeRanjita Bista (Nepal)


BOYS (age below 13 yrs) (35-40)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring                         

GoldManjay Lama (Nepal)

SilverKushal Sunwar (Nepal)

BronzeSuraj Karki (Nepal)

BronzeRohit Pandit (Nepal)


BOYS (age below 13 yrs) (40-45)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring                         

GoldShant Kumar Rana (Nepal)

SilverBishal Lama (Nepal)

Bronze Sanjay Bomjom (Nepal)

BronzeAmit Pun Magar (Nepal)


BOYS (age below 13 yrs) (55-60)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring                         

GoldPrajwol Ghimire (Nepal)

SilverUstav Giri (Nepal)

BronzeKeystone Basnet (Nepal)

BronzeAstik Nakarmi (Nepal)

 Male Junior  (age below 18 yrs) (30-35)kg  INDIVIDUAL Sparring                         

GoldRoman Rokka (Nepal)

SilverRaj Bista (Nepal)

BronzePujan Bista (Nepal)

BronzeUden Dhungana (Nepal)


Male Junior  (age below 18yrs) (35-40)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring                         

GoldBibash Tamang (Nepal)

SilverSujan Salmi (Nepal)

BronzeAashish Shrestha (Nepal)

BronzeManik Tamang (Nepal)


 Male Junior  (age below 18yrs) (45-50)kg  INDIVIDUAL Sparring                          

Gold Sushil Kumar Thami (Nepal)

SilverSunil Timalsina (Nepal)

BronzeRijan Bhattrai (Nepal)

BronzeAayush Gatraj (Nepal)


Male Junior  (age below 18 yrs) (40-45)kg  INDIVIDUAL Sparring                         

Gold Sarad Shrestha (Nepal)

SilverRajeev Makhiya  (Nepal)

BronzeRupak Khadka (Nepal)

BronzeRju Subedi (Nepal)


Male Junior  (age below18 yrs) (55-80)kg  INDIVIDUAL Sparring                         

Gold Arjun Tamang (Nepal)

SilverBikash Shah (Nepal)

BronzeSuraj Lama (Nepal)

BroinzeSameer Ranjitkar (Nepal)

Girls (age below 10 yrs) (35-40)kg  INDIVIDUAL Sparring                         

Gold Sonisha Tyata (Nepal)

SilverSubina Tamang (Nepal)

BronzePooja Thapa (Nepal)

BronzeKhusbu Sunwar (Nepal)


Female Junior  (age below 18yrs) (50-55)kg  INDIVIDUAL Sparring                         

Gold Salina Lama (Nepal)

SilverRanjana Tamang (Nepal)

Bronze Rashmi Sunwar (Nepal)

BronzeSantoshi Sunwar (Nepal)


Female Junior  (age below 18 yrs) (45-50)kg freee weight INDIVIDUAL Sparring                         

Gold Priyanka Singh (India)

Silver R.A Varalmathi (India)


Female Junior  (below 18 yrs)  (40-45)kg  INDIVIDUAL Sparring                         

 Gold Anisha Limbu (Nepal)

SilverSumi Thapa Magar (Nepal)

BronzeAarati Sinkhawal (Nepal)

BronzeV. Harini (India)


   Male Junior (under 18yrs)(-70)kg  INDIVIDUAL Sparring                         

Gold Sasman Basnet (Nepal)

Silver Sai Samarth Singh (India)


 Male  Adult (18-35yrs)open black belt  INDIVIDUAL Sparring                         

Gold Vikas Kumar Rao (India)

SilverRam Daresh Ram (Nepal)

Bronze-Shashank Kumar (India)

BronzeNiraj Kafle (Nepal)


 Male  Adult (65-70)kg  INDIVIDUAL Sparring                         

Gold Dylan Coughlan (Singapore)

SilverArunesh Kumar Shrivastav (India)

BronzeArun Sahani (India)


 Male Vetran (80-90)kg  INDIVIDUAL Sparring                         

Gold D.Thiru Kumaran (India)

SilverAshutosh Kumar Sahani (India)

BronzeAmerendra Kumar (India)


  Male Vetran (age below 60 yrs)  INDIVIDUAL Sparring                         

Gold Venu Gopala Raju (India)

Silver- Nrusingha Singha (India)

Written by: Taekwondo ITF Nepal - 7th October 2018

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